Hilary Barrett, I Ching

I Ching readings available for January

Just a quick note: I’m excited to say my doors are open for readings this month. I have a limited number of openings – just four this time.

I limit myself to these small numbers because I ‘carry the reading with me’ for a month, reviewing and revisiting, listening for synchronicities, and chatting via email with the querent as the reading unfolds. I don’t have the capacity to do this for many people at once! And I also need to limit ‘opening times’ so I can give readings the focus and energy they need – and so I always look forward to the  experience 🙂 .

The individual reading service I offer these days is a spacious, in-depth exploration, through three calls and however-many emails over the course of a month or so. If something in your life is asking for this kind of attention (you know how the issues we shove out of sight at other times like to resurface in the quiet of winter?), please have a look at the full details here.

If you’re not sure, by all means download Ways of Opening (use the form at the end of the page) and book a free preliminary call so we can talk through your situation and question and decide whether a reading is right for you.

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