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New service: I Ching chat

New service: I Ching chat

I’ve just opened the (virtual) doors for a new I Ching chat service

What this is

A 30 minute chat on anything I-Ching-related – a line you’re stuck on, a reading where you could really use a fresh perspective, an image or hexagram that keeps coming back, even a knotty problem that you can’t seem to resolve into a simple question to ask. That kind of thing.

When I let the main I Ching reading service grow to the size it seemed to want to be – a month or so of in-depth exploration with weekly calls – this left a bit of a gap if you wanted some individual help with a reading but didn’t want a month-long, deep-dive intensive. I started offering I Ching chats for Change Circle members, and since this has worked well, I’ve decided to extend the offer to everyone.

How it works

First you book a time, then you pay, and then you’re taken to a page where you can send me the details of what you want to talk about. That seemed the best order to do it in, to ensure you don’t pay unless you’ve booked a time that suits you.

On the day, I’ll call you – by phone or Skype, whichever. Skype is preferable if you have it, because the sound quality’s better, but phone works too.

Three reasons not to book an I Ching chat

1. You’re completely new to the I Ching

Confident expertise isn’t required, but you do need to be reasonably familiar with casting your own readings, so we can spend our 30 minutes focussed on what you wanted to ask about, not distracted by technical details.

(Of course, if what you want to ask about is a technical detail, that’s OK!)

2. You’ve got a lot going on and need comprehensive help

If you want really in-depth help, especially if you think it might take more than one reading, then you probably need the full I Ching reading service instead. In a small chat like this, I think less is more.

3. You’re a Change Circle member

If you’re a Change Circle member, this service is included as part of your membership. So use the Change Circle booking link – not the regular shop page, which would ask you for payment after booking. (If you're not a member, you're welcome to join - you'll be able to access the members-only booking page immediately.)

Here are all the details and the booking link for I Ching chats. If you have any questions, please ask!

The original two-pane reading is back

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New Resonance Journal version

New Resonance Journal version

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