Products and Services

Friends: Clarity's free membership

Joining Friends is free, and includes:

Get more details and join here.

Change Circle

Private membership for study and mutual support, through

Costs only £23 (about $34.96 or €31.05) for 6 months' membership or £40 (about $60.80 or €54.00) for a full year. More details here.

WikiWing membership

The I Ching Community's unique collaborative, experience-based hexagram-by-hexagram commentary. You can join, consult and contribute to WikiWing on a 'paay what you want' basis, starting from all of 1/month.

Get full details and join here.

Resonance Journal software

Software to record your readings, dreams, synchronicities and reflections - including full Yijing translations, commentary and Language of Change glossary. Download the 30 day free trial from here or purchase your license key. (The introductory price of £20 - about $30.40 or €27.00 - still applies.)

I Ching Course

for confident interpretation. Choose between -

Words of Change I Ching Glossary

A simple little pdf guide to I Ching words and phrases people often find baffling.

Personal I Ching reading service

This service is open two or three times a year for in-depth exploration of big questions - check here for availability and to download the free 'Ways of Opening' guide to finding your question.

Into the Flow of Change

A resource kit for getting unstuck and restoring your connection to guidance, including:

For full details - and a free sample, Change Questions - please see the separate Into the Flow of Change website.