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Clarity's I Ching Newsletter: Issue 61

"The answer is no until you ask the question."
Mark Tidwell

This issue:

Letter from the Editor

Dear Subscriber,
In the last issue, I asked you to respond to a survey - if you're one of the people who did, thank you so much! I've been reading all the suggestions and very kind, positive comments and smiling all over my face. (Also making resolutions, especially to include more images in the html version!) If you haven't got round to it yet, please do wander over to the entry form and answer those five quick questions. You can see the results from there, too.
After all that, I would love to be presenting you with a new, improved newsletter this time around. Instead I am having a good, old-fashioned work crisis like I used to have as a student, and I can barely scrape together the time for this seriously abbreviated version. (The audio message will be back next time!) The  next 'I Ching gathering' is on Sunday (if you're not already on the notification list for these you can join here), and I've had a stack of reading orders coming in at the same time. And a close family member has health problems which have called for some time and attention.
I'm grateful for the survey results, as they show me the 'hexagram of the month' is the section not to leave out! Before I make any more promises about improvements, though, I think I'd better work out where the time is going to come from... 
More in a couple of weeks - hopefully much more!
warm wishes,

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Reader's Letter

From Mirjana, whose reading was in the last issue:
"Thanks again for a wonderful, wonderful reading you’ve done for me in the last issue, it seems that both you and the Yi understood me most deeply.
You’ve given me the right insight and advice. You’ve said right things and I very much appreciate it.
Best wishes, 
I’m looking forward to next issue.

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Hexagram of the Month: 3, Sprouting ˜

The name of this hexagram clearly resembles a seedling: a root and the beginnings of leaves, reflecting the priorities of every germinating seed. I have to insert a proviso here: Harmen Mesker has been looking into early meanings of this character and thinks it's more likely to have meant a military encampment than a seedling at the time the oracle was first written. (His article - in Dutch - is here.) But to me the hexagram is still Sprouting: new life, seeking to establish itself, with roots before leaves.
For the garrison or the seedling, the priorities are much the same: create a secure centre, and extend your scope cautiously from there into the wider world. This hexagram is the very beginning, where you start to know who and where you are, in amongst a sea of things you don't know. It's the 'paired' hexagram with 4, Not Knowing, where you have to experience that ignorance to the full in order to learn anything.
'Sprouting: seeing, and not letting go your dwelling place.
Not knowing: disordered and also clear.'
So Sprouting means looking right round, extending your awareness as far as possible: the aim is to increase the compass of things you can know or call yours, your 'territory'. You want to explore new experience, but also to stay rooted.
Of course, even as you orientate yourself, you also discover that some things out there are opposed to you! The more you explore, the more your parents say 'no'; the ground is hard and the stones don't move aside for you; the local people may or may not welcome the garrison. All the more reason to hold onto your dwelling place: you're holding onto your secure sense of self.
Creating success from the source, harvest in constancy.
No use to have a direction to go,
Harvest in establishing feudal lords.'
Sprouting is crammed with pent-up creative potential, but giving it a 'direction to go' - setting goals, making definite plans - is of no use at all. You're like a king working to establish himself in a new kingdom: first of all, he needs 'feudal lords', who will be his ears, eyes and hands in the remoter parts of the country. There will be time enough for policy initiatives when he has a clearer vision of what's out there, and is more sure of his grasp on it.
By taking time to lay out the basics for growth - the knowledge, helpers, and lines of communication - you actually increase the possibilities and enlarge the territories available to you in future. Narrowing your focus and directing your efforts in one direction (like the Army does in Hexagram 7) at this stage would only limit you.
It is not often easy to live with 'no direction'. The nuclear hexagram here hints at just how difficult it can be: it's 23, Stripping Away, a hexagram of loss and often-excruciating 'clearing out'. It, too, says that there is 'no harvest in having a direction to go.' The core need here is to clear the ground of preconceived ideas about where you're headed, or even who you are, so that the new growth can emerge naturally and find its own shape. Consequently, this hexagram often comes as a reminder that you stand at the very beginning and are trying to predetermine too much, too soon. 
The trigrams of Sprouting are 'clouds and thunder': the fertile chaos of beginning, with strong sexual associations in Chinese tradition.
'Clouds, thunder. Sprouting.
Noble one weaves with the warp.'
The challenge here is to disentangle the proliferation of possibilities and weave a fabric of meaning, one with clear patterns and pictures. In other words, it's to make sense of things! The noble one starts with the warp threads - and here there is a huge double meaning, as the Chinese for warp is jing, as in Yijing or Daodejing. (Or ching as in I Ching: these are just different ways of writing the same word.) The word means 'principles' and hence also the 'classic books' that form the basic structure of knowledge. It is too early for specific goals, but not for basic principles: the warp threads cannot be added to the cloth as an afterthought.
(Thanks to LiSe for the 'Sprout' image and for telling me what Harmen's article said!)

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