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Cookie Policy

Like most websites, onlineClarity uses cookies – this section explains how and why.

What are cookies?

Most websites you visit will ask your browser to store cookies. These are tiny text files containing information about your visit, that are downloaded to your computer to improve your future experience of a website. For more information on cookies in general, and how to control them in your particular browser, see the About Cookies site.

Important note about disabling cookies

You can prevent any website from setting cookies by editing your browser’s settings. However, disabling cookies will also disable some website functionality: for instance, if you log in to Clarity but find yourself logged out again immediately, that would be because your browser isn’t allowing cookies, and so the website can’t keep track of who you are from one page to the next. So if in doubt, I recommend you allow Clarity to set cookies.

How Clarity uses cookies

1. Cookies set by onlineClarity

During your visit, Clarity uses cookies to remember your identity from one page to the next –

  • to manage the signup process when you create an account here
  • to identify when you are logged in, for example to the forums or Foundations Course, so you can access member-only areas and functions (eg posting to the forums)
  • during purchases, to ensure your order details are remembered between pages and the order’s processed correctly

These cookies are normally deleted when you log out.

Clarity also uses some cookies to remember you on your next visit. When you set your preferences for how to interact with the site, this information may be stored in a cookie so that it will be available when you next interact with a page that’s affected by your preferences. Cookies are also used to remember which free downloads you’ve signed up for, so you won’t be prompted to sign up for something you already own.

2. Third party cookies

These are cookies set by other sites, not Clarity, while you visit this site. Disabling these shouldn’t interfere with your immediate experience of the site.

I use third party services such as Google Analytics to give me a broad picture of how people use the site and how I can improve it. These cookies make it possible to learn such things as how many people visit a page and how long they spend there. The information they store is anonymous: it doesn’t identify individual visitors.

When I link to a book for sale on Amazon, I typically use an affiliate link. This sets a cookie on your computer so that Amazon will know you came from here (and pay me a small percentage on any purchases you make there – without charging you any extra). This cookie will be deleted from your computer after 24 hours.

Some embedded videos on Clarity are hosted on Youtube. Youtube sets cookies to collect statistics and improve user experience.

I hope this clarifies all things cookie-related for you. If you have questions, please ask!

Privacy policy

In order to provide you with products or services you may request from Clarity, I will collect just enough information from you to fulfil your request. For example, I would store your email address in order to send you a course by email, or your postal address to post you something. Subsequently, I might use this information to keep in touch with you. If you ask me to do so, I will correct or delete any information I have stored about you.

I will never share or sell any of your personal information without your permission.


  • I will never share your email address
  • I will never share your name or any other contact details
  • I will never share any personally identifiable information you tell me during a reading

An I Ching reading can be intensely personal – it may reveal aspects of your life that you hardly knew yourself. I believe that this demands total confidentiality. I have a lot of respect for my clients’ courage and resolution, and I will always guard your confidences carefully. While I may sometimes discuss readings with my own close support network, anonymously and in confidence, nothing you tell me will ever ‘leak out’.


If at any time you’re not satisfied with a product or service you’ve received from Clarity, you can contact me to have things put right. I most definitely do not want to keep your money if you’re unhappy, so everything I sell comes with a money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee for the Foundations Course, I Ching readings and chats, and all products delivered by instant download

At any time after your purchase, I will refund your complete payment. There is no time limit and there are no conditions; you only have to ask.

Change Circle and WikiWing guarantees

Naturally you control your membership: you can cancel and stop the recurring payments at any time. In addition, there is a money-back guarantee to give you time to look round and decide whether this is for you. If you want to leave at any time during the first month of your WikiWing membership, or the first two months of your Change Circle membership, simply let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full. (No fiddly ‘unused portion’ stuff, just a straightforward, complete refund.)

Credit card security

Processing and storing credit card details is definitely a matter for the experts. So all card transactions initiated at this site are conducted on the secure servers of specialist online payment processors:

  • Paypal, the best-known online payment processor (as recommended at Ebay)
  • Worldpay
  • Paypro Global (used to sell digital goods such as downloads because they have the capability to process VAT in compliance with EU law)
  • Avangate (used to sell the Resonance Journal and process VAT in compliance with EU law)

This means that you don’t enter your card details at onlineClarity at all: you’re not asked for them until you’re in a fully secure environment, protected by complex encryption procedures. The onlineClarity website never processes or stores your card details. But because the integration is seamless, ordering is quick and simple as well as completely secure.

Note: please never email me – or anyone else – your credit card details. Ordinary email travels through many relay servers that are not fully secure, and your card details could be intercepted.

Contact information

Contact page

Postal address:

Hilary Barrett,
PO BOX 255,
OX29 6WH
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 3287 3053 (UK); +1 (561) 459-4758 (US)

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PO BOX 255,
OX29 6WH,
United Kingdom

Phone/ Voicemail:
+44 (0)20 3287 3053 (UK)
+1 (561) 459-4758 (US).