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Yijing Foundations Class 2019

Just to let you know…

I’ll be running a live online class this year on the foundations of confident Yijing interpretation.

This will be based on the syllabus of the existing Yijing Foundations Course, with added live video classes, Q&A sessions and a private forum. So this is like the course – all the essentials for good readings and none of the optional extras – plus…

  • full ‘immersion’ in the processes of interpretation with oodles of opportunity to practice (both on the calls and inbetween)
  • my personal help and support all the way
  • the company of a group of fellow-students to learn with (and from!) – learning from experience works best, and being able to learn from other people’s experience too is a great accelerator.

The class will start in September 2019. It’ll be for just 12 people at most, as I’ve found that number works well – enough for a lively group, but few enough that we can get to know one another, with ample time for me to help everyone individually.

Might you be interested?

If so, please add your name to the advance notice list below! I’ll keep you posted when I have more details about the course, and let you know as soon as the doors open and you can sign up as one of the 12 participants.

Provisional Syllabus

Here’s a proposed syllabus for the class, based on the tried-and-trusted Yijing Foundations Course. Please have a look through and let me know your thoughts.

Essentials to get started
Getting comfortable with the Yijing essentials: casting a reading, getting a good translation. Also we’ll use this session to ensure everyone’s happy with the technology used for the class – the forum, course pages and live video classroom.
Finding your question
– because your question is like the door you open to the reading. We’ll cover the process of finding a question, questions that create confusion, and ways to focus, expand or deepen your questioning.
Trigrams & recognition
– the simple, accessible building-blocks of the Yijing. We’ll practice recognising them in situations and in yourself – because that skill of recognition is the basis for every part of interpretation.
Connecting with a hexagram
… its words, its component trigrams, its imagery. Practising connecting, interpreting and working with imagery within a single hexagram.
Primary and relating hexagrams
– this relationship is the framework that sustains the whole reading, so it’s really worth exploring, studying and practising recognising how it works in (lots of) readings.
Moving lines, line positions and trigrams
Learning to hear the distinctive voice of each line, and see the pictures it paints with trigrams.
Moving lines and Steps of Change
Understanding the context for each moving line means that groups of multiple lines become clear.
A reading practice
Pulling everything together – opening, connecting and integrating a reading, giving the Book of Change space to do its thing in your life…

Your thoughts on the syllabus

I’d be really grateful if you could tell me two things about this provisional syllabus:

  1. which parts of it are most important to you, and
  2. what you think is missing.

In other words, where are you saying, ‘Yes, I really need that!’ and where are you left thinking, ‘Wait, what about this?’ Please fill out this quick survey and let me know!

First, please will you give each of the topics a mark out of 5 for importance?

(So 5 would mean 'vital, I absolutely need this!' and 1 would be 'probably not worth the time'.)
Essentials for getting started (Yijing and technical)
Finding your question
Trigrams and recognition
Connecting with a hexagram
Primary and relating hexagrams
Moving lines, line positions and trigrams
Moving lines: Steps of Change and multiple moving lines
Putting it all together in a Yijing reading practice
Thanks! And second, now you've looked through that list, are you thinking, 'Yes, but what about...?'

What have I missed out that you feel is essential to understanding your readings?
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