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hexagram 34

  1. A

    applying for this job? 34.4.5 > 5 with a twist

    Great Vigour (34) speaks of strength and the capacity to succeed if action is undertaken with propriety and constancy. Background: I have received this same hexagram 34.3 for a previous job application to the same company. I applied too much strength on that occasion and the ram got...
  2. F

    Overcoming physical and mental health issues: 34 twice!

    A happy new year to all of you! I was hoping some of you might be generous enough to offer some feedback on two readings I cast this morning, both involving Hexagram 34. I've been going through a period of major anxiety and burnout, and have been having some health problems (digestion, notably...
  3. F

    Hex 34.4 to 11 - Love

    Hello, this is my first post, although I have been a reader for years on this page. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and we have not talked for 1 week. Yesterday I asked when we will be together again ( it is my desire) and I obtained hexagram 34.4 to 11. I did not understand until...
  4. B

    55.2 > 34

    Hi, I have been doing the online dating thing with success in finding dates, but not in finding a quality boyfriend who is willing/able to commit, even to being an exclusive boyfriend, let alone one with husband potential. I asked for advice on a wise course of action to obtain the relationship...
  5. M

    34 unchanging, stay the course? change paths?

    Hi, I've recently kind of questioned whether the path I'm on as far as relationship goes, is it worth continuing to pursue? My feeling all along has been that it is, but at times I just wonder if continuing on will pay off, as it doesn't seem that there will be immediate pay off. I feel like...
  6. yxeli

    34 and 16 Parallels and a Daily Hex

    Well this post has 2 bits to it, this post kind of evolved from asking about 6 lines changing into the preponderance of 34...and then i remembered that i had been thinking on 34 lots anyway..so sorry if it comes across as less than succinct. ||| Looking for some of you wise guys to throw some...
  7. M

    Please look at this, need advice.

    I have been wondering if my mom and I will always be close, and according to the readings it is saying the exact opposite. "What will happen between me and my mom"-- to 3 "With my heart open, will I love my mom always"-- 23 (this scares me, but I guess it could mean alot of things)...
  8. M

    What is going to happen?? I need help.

    I have been wondering if my mom and I will always be close, and according to the readings it is saying the exact opposite. "What will happen between me and my mom"-- to 3 "Is there a way I can always be close to my mom"-- to 29 "Will this relationship with my mom end"-- 8...
  9. yxeli

    Conduct 10 .3 .5 .6 > 34

    Hey everyone, hope your all well :) I asked 'what should I do about X?' It's about a person and a strained relationship. I am not sure how to take this: to put myself in danger or to stay away from it? I get a feeling that this line is very much 'Know your place' ? Although Karcher's...
  10. yxeli

    Urgent! Study or not?

    I've just been offered a place on an art course for a year. To most eyes it looks like a regression because its a course to prepare a portfolio to get into college, and i'm in the position of already completing a diploma and degree in art related fields. I'm in two minds about accepting the...
  11. yxeli

    Hex 6 > Hex 34

    Hi :) Was wondering if anyone could help me with this one.. I have so many changing lines and I understand that there's a method to know which changing lines are the most important to read..but I don't know how to do them yet... My question was, What should my attitude be towards x? Thank...
  12. A

    Hexagram 34, changing lines 2,3,4,5 to Hexagram 3

    Hi, I've been reading CG Jung for some time, not long, and I asked I Ching "What effect does this - i.e. reading Jung - has on me ?". I got hex 34 changing to hex 3. I am interested in your interpretations. Tnx. :)
  13. Sparhawk

    Memorizing the I Ching: 34. Ta Chuang / The Power of the Great

    ----- ----- ----- ----- above CHêN THE AROUSING, THUNDER -------------- -------------- -------------- below CH'IEN THE CREATIVE, HEAVEN -------------- The great lines, that is, the light, strong lines, are powerful. Four light lines have entered the...

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