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Cast and Result in Real Life: Is It Good for Me to Forget about A? 7.3.6 >18


Jul 28, 2018
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I was taking a look at my saved readings when I passed through this one.

It was about a friend I loved for a long time but never could date. He was always in my mind's background and I believed that he was the "one", that it was impossible to find another love to take his place. I have talked about him on this and this thread.

So around 3 months ago, I asked if it was good for me to forget about him and got 7.3.6>18.
I can't exactly remember what I thought of the cast, however it talks about "corpses", "giving order" and "repairing the damage"- maybe I took it as an indication for working on the situation?

Now everything is changed after what happened between us, and I want him no more in my life. Interestingly, those feelings, the belief that no one will equal him, dispersed like dust! Unbelievable! Like I was in the middle of a very engaging, emotional story; and now that it's over, I've closed the book and put it in the shelf.

Now I understand the cast very well: his thought was useless as a "corpse" I carried (3.4): "Ritsema/Karcher: The great without achievement indeed", "Suggests dead weight, useless baggage". 3.6 said I should put my mind in order and remove the inferior elements. Then I could "Work on What had Been Spoiled" (18): my limiting beliefs, the emotional traps, the stagnation that wasted my energy.

So the answer was a big "YES"- it was good for me to forget about him, but I first needed "the mandate" that "is given to a great prince so that the work may go forward satisfactorily" according to 3.6's translation by Blofeld, to be sure that"A man of mean ability would be useless, for he would merely spread disorder through the realm."

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