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Thread: 56 -- newbie thoughts

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    Default 56 -- newbie thoughts


    Very simply... I still feel all awash when I receive this Hexagram. I am quite sure it is because my own fear projects onto this Hexagram. Maybe it is because I have been quite nomadic myself in my life.

    Still, if anyone who has experiences with 56 comment on these general specualtions on 56?

    Are these all legitimate interpretations of 56:

    Moving on
    Superficial Understandings

    This is one of the Hexagrams that when I see it, like I said, I seem almost unable to properly locate its meaning. I sincerely believe this is like when people see the "Death" card in Tarot. The fear of it, outweighs reason and proper understanding.

    Thank you,
    modest learner

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    rodaki (May 7th, 2011)

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    sooo Guest


    Those are interesting contexts. I can see how they all can be applied to 56, but not exclusively so. The words connect with other contexts and hexagrams as well.

    What I don't understand is the dark casting of it.

    Fire moves quickly atop the mountain, and does not tarry long. What better image is there for 56? The implications could be endless, I suppose. But the main theme is basic. Move along, don't tarry, don't stick my nose where it don't belong, don't be judgmental, just stay alive and on fire, don't get hung up in the past, nor even the future.

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    are you referring to my dark casting of it, or in general?

    If mine, i don't really know. maybe it is because 56 has embedded in it change? Also, maybe because the changing lines seem somehow to have some element of wariness or danger--"burning one's next."

    I don't know...it also has a feeling of not having a home...not knowing where one will find kinship or a sense of, in some ways, being tossed like tumbleweed? it unexpected transition, unexpected change? In some lines, it seems the choice of the subject. In other lines, it seems line the unintended consequence of a decision or action.

    modest learner

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    sooo Guest


    Thanks for explaining, Yes, I was referring to your take on it, but I do see the sense and feeling you are talking about. But, I see that in all of the hexagrams, especially the "change" part. Even 12, particularly lines 5 and 6, require a difficult change. It is the the Book of Changes. However, there is the sense of being alone or not feeling secure in one spot in 56. But there's also the freedom to move, and the wind in your fiery hair.

    But I think our reactions to different hexagrams may depend on our personality. For example, an extrovert, or someone who wants to be in motion regarding something may feel inhibited or tied down when receiving 52, 9, 62 or 12, whereas as someone who desires stability, security and calm may take comfort in them.

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    hi modest learner,

    You said that you have lived nomadically in your life and I'm sure that you can draw a lot of parallels from there as I'm sure you must have seen the good sides of it too.

    Being on the road one has the luxury of visiting places and seeing things others do not. It means moving among different parts of life and learning to feel at home wherever you choose, because you carry home within. Being a traveller sometimes asks that you keep a spirit of exploration alive, constantly rediscovering unseen views of what you thought you knew. It can mean keeping a curious spirit about things but not rushing into them, being able to see different points of view without losing your own ..

    It might also help you if you think the opposite hexagram to it, hx 60. Limits and borders are important to travelers cause without them they could never depart but also because when one steps outside the local rules (of the family, the clan, the village) you start creating your own, which are the real and most valid to you . . I think 56 shows a coming of age, an individual point of view and a process of discovery and invention

    I also think that as much as giving advice on how to travel through life, 56 also describes a process of reaching a destination, or learning to build one for yourself -in its last three lines . . Most of all, I think 56 is a cautious rather than fearful hex. It's got a mountain and a fire, a limit and a tool. Writing about it now, makes me think of the myth of Prometheus (also known as an inventor and fire-bringer) who carried the fire to humans inside a hollow stalk, a figure that I think fits 56.

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    Sooo, Rodaki,

    Points well taken on all count.

    Sooo Yes, very valid point. The compare and contrast of the movement of 56 versus the limitations present in other hexagrams is a very interesting exercise on thinking about the joy of 56 when compared to the more limiting hexagrams. I did react to the positivity of 56 then with that perspective.

    Rodaki, I like what you had to say, too, and I realized from what you wrote that maybe I am tired of myself being a 56 as I am living in one country and from another. I like the idea of thinking of 56 as moving through life and gaining different perspectives.

    What I have realized that perhaps the fact that the country in which I reside is arguably xenophobic in many regards (even that is a judgment) that perhaps 56 is showing me that the freedom of movement discussed by sooo actually has its own form of imprisonment for me in that to always be On The Road, can make one feel at times like an outsider and all the psychological states that go along with that (alienation, isolation, etc.) While I have always felt that home is within you, there is something to be said for living in a place that provides that outer stability. Still, I know that before I had become the epitome of 56, I wanted what was promised by this hexagram, these challenges, these opportunities for growth, these states of being, circumstances and situations.

    At the same time, I have a heightened sense of my responses to hexagrams such as 60 because I have a response to those as well. Finding a neutral space, a non judgmental reaction to the hexagrams, apparently, is more of a challenge for me than I realized.

    I realized from this that I also find myself (over)reacting similarly to 23, 44, 47, 54 to name a few. Perhaps it would be interesting to post another topic on finding detachment when querying the yi.

    I can say that my sensitive nature maybe an obstacle to adequately reviewing and understanding the yi for myself.

    The promises by 56 of looking from the outside in, being divested from things which hamper movement (inner and outer), to be free to explore and move, is a much more positive take on 56. I like that.

    I haven't yet placed 56 as regards its basic hexagram or in the progression of hexagrams, but I am realizing again the depth of yi. That would also provide me with a better view to this hexagram.

    Are there any particular experiences with 56 that you can recollect and share?

    modest learner

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    rodaki (May 7th, 2011)

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    sooo Guest


    You've said so much, I scarcely know what to add. You've depicted the pop song, "desperado", which contrary to casting an unlawful man, may only be unconventional, never quite fitting into anything, but one who at least walks in themselves. That's something they can take with them, one for the road.

    But man does not live by wandering alone. There's 63 other complex places to go, and no one escapes any of them. But neither must one remain their victim. One can choose to step by step push upwards, and draw up from the well.

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    Wow, sooo, how beautifully written.

    Thank you so much for your comments and insights.

    modest learner

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    sooo Guest


    Thank you for yours too. It's just as valuable to me to hear your initial impressions and thoughts on the subject. It's a rare perspective, before forming many opinions.

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    hi modest learner,

    you know, when I got into thinking of stories and experiences, I found there were many I could have shared . . . but in a 56's mind, the best story is the one that hasn't been told yet . .
    Maybe you could come back at some point on this thread and tell us your own stories and experiences of it

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