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    Hi all,
    I'd appreciate your help with an interpretation. I was laid off from a job several months back. I've been collecting unemployment and have had some freelance work here and there. But am beginning to get to the bottom of the barrel with my savings and am starting to get worried.

    I asked the IChing "Will I find a job soon?" The answer was hexagram changing to 7.

    I know– a yes/no– not always the best way to phrase a question, but I still ask in this manner bc I usually get a response that (while not normally a direct yes/no) is useful.

    What do you guys think? I was thinking that the IChing is not really answering the yes/no but more giving me advise on how to find a job– "Gather" with people and "Recruit allies." However, I do also feel that this reading seems auspicious. It feels positive, and it suggests that I will be leading a team possibly?

    What do you all think? I'd appreciate your insights!

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    Sorry, what's the reading?

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    Oops! I forgot to add it hahaha. It was hexagram 45 > 7. Let me look at the changing lines and update my post!

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    Hi ariel13,

    "Will I find a job soon?" to 7 ~ Networking is your friend.

    I'd say it's looking good ~ the changing lines all feature Very Auspicious, No Misfortune ~ and with hex 7, team leadership is possible.

    Stay social and best of luck!

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    Just an update on this– I'm in the same spot again this year lol. Although, this time at least I have a part time gig and a little more in savings.

    Anyway, as for last year I was working again within less than two weeks of this reading

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