Good evening everyone.

My husband and I are relocating cross country to my home state in a few months and due to his current job not being willing to grant him work from home privileges, so he is looking for a job in the new state.

He does graphic design work so most of his work is done via computers and using digital media.

There is a company that we are hoping will hire him on since they will cover most of our moving expenses and it is in the same town where we will be living, so it is ideal, since the next largest city is an hour away each way, and that would be a very stressful commute for him.

The employment agency he is working with mentioned two possible positions that the company is considering him for, a UX designer, and a UI designer.

Since I am already overwhelmed with the logistics of this cross country move and I am feeling very afraid that a job will not be forthcoming, I would like to get some feedback on a couple of readings.

I asked: Is (my husband) going to be hired on as a UX designer @ (company's name)?
The answer I received was:>1

Second question was pretty much the same, only I asked about the UI position:
49.2>43 was that response.

Both of these seem really positive with the UX position being more likely, though the line 3 in the first reading gives me pause. Blessed through hardship sounds like he may not get the position, but things will be alright despite this. I really like the relating hexagram of 1 because it tells me there is a lot of energy and power behind this path. That helps me feel more confident since it feels like we are spinning our wheels and are getting nothing but delays.

I don't know, maybe I am not seeing something or am just too worried to understand that everything is going to be alright no matter what.

Thank you,

Amber Rose