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Thread: PLEASE READ: about interpretations in the Shared Readings forum

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    speaking of my ,mother she was an australian feminsit, she always wondered why was there so many dirty names for women and not for men. her poetry was brilliant
    She took me to a book reading for some indian guy (he only written three BOOKs on the history of some indian fmaily) thats all , not bad, he did some poetry, ( my mother was concerered about the pance i was waring, maybe she should pay attention to the book reading she made me meet her at) ANYWAY
    the guy was doing his thing and he kinda reminded me of Roul Dhal so i proceeded to stand up in front of the university and my mother shook her head as if to say, u have my made a fool of me before but u aint doin it here ( i sat down before i said a word) she said u know? when u were 14 u would have ignored me just for that u get an ice cream and i said WHAT? (by the way have u brushed your teeth)
    the moral is be good to your mother, your mother is an individual who made you and that is what brought you here
    PS i will submit my thesis on the i ching by 12am tommorrow hilary please dont judge me on my upbringing, thanks

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    Hi everyone,

    Hopefully I am posting this in the correct place ! I am new to this site and wondered if anyone could help with the interpretat two readings I took. I have two biological children ( now in their teens ) and always hoped to have another child. Due to circumstances I was not in the position to have another & now that I am it seems my fertility has gone ! I have been thinking seriously about adoption as I know I could love another child who is not mine biologically but I worry about the effect on my two boys. Sorry for babbling on ! ....basically I got 27.5 when i asked 'what can I expect if I do adopt' and 58.5 in response to 'what can I expect if I don't adopt'. My understanding of the first reading is that it's positive and not the usual path but I'm unsure what not crossing the river means. The second reading 58.5 is more difficult for me to interpret. Any Help would be gratefully received

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    oh the truth comes out


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    I do concur that one should avoid giving the impression that one's interpretation is necessarily the only one accurate. Different points of view are valuable because they can highlight different facets of the same problem. I have studied the I Ching with the texts of Wilhelm, Huang, Wu-Wei, Timothy Leary and (last but not least) Hillary and I have noticed that the same hexagram is subject to some degree to various interpretations. Great caution should be applied when interpreting a hexagram in the context of a specific situation. I find this site very valuable because one can receive valuable inputs - this helps in informing a better, sound judgment.

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    Thank you!

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