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Update your Resonance Journal to the latest version (Mac)

Note: this link and these instructions are for the Mac version of the Resonance Journal. For the Windows version, please click here!

Click here to download the updater.


  1. Download the installer for the updater from here.
  2. Save the downloaded zip file to an easy-to-find location.
  3. Make sure your Resonance Journal is closed.
  4. Extract the updater by double clicking the zip file:
  5. Open the extracted “Update_To_2_0.dmg” file. This will open the ‘Update to 2.0’ window:
  6. Open the “Update_TO_2_0” subfolder and double-click the file called “JournalUpdater_7.jar” to run the updater:
  7. Locate your “Resonance Journal for Mac” folder in the navigation window, and click ‘Choose‘:
  8. The update should now start to run. After a couple of minutes you should get a message saying the update was successful. Click OK, and close the updater before re-opening your journal.

As always, if you have any questions, please come to the helpdesk!

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