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Welcome in! Where to start?

If you have trouble finding what you need, please don't think, 'I'll try again when I have more time' - just email me!

Help with a reading?

Reading Circle is the private forum for Change Circle members. Or for complete privacy, book a one-to-one I Ching chat with Hilary here. (You can also find this booking link under Community when you're logged in.)

Meet your fellow-members?

Once a month we have a Well Gathering - a video chat to talk readings or hexagrams. (Here's the calendar, and here's the archive of recordings, so you know what to expect. I'll email you the details.) And in the meantime, do say hello in the Community. (No timezone problems or calendar clashes there!)

Insight into a specific hexagram or line?
More confidence interpreting your own readings?

Start with the Yijing Foundations course - that has all you need (and nothing you don't). The Reading Navigation course and Imagery Class recordings unpack some of the ideas with more examples, and you might also like the Language of Change glossary.

A headlong dive into pure Yeekery?

We have that here too... ;) . Try some of the other courses, and especially Exploring the Sequence, and please share your thoughts in Yi Academy!