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Learn the I Ching

Welcome to Clarity’s I Ching learning resources!

If you’re new to this –

start here, with the Beginners’ Course. It takes you step-by-step through all you need to get started consulting the I Ching, with no need to click about searching for information.

If you’re not so new –

– then please enjoy browsing! There are some reviews of translations and also of books on history and background; there are articles on different ways to consult and interpretive tools, and also on individual hexagrams. Change Circle members can also access more in-depth articles on interpretation – and the Foundations Course.

Yijing FoundationsYour next step?

If you’re comfortable casting your readings, but not always confident you can understand and really use the answer, then I’d recommend the Yijing Foundations Course. It covers all the essential interpretive know-how to take you from confusion to confidence.

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