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Change Circle

Private membership for study and mutual support that includes everything Clarity has to offer to help you interpret your readings. That’s:

  • the Yijing Foundations Course (also sold separately for £75)
  • – and more advanced Yijing interpretation tools and guidance
  • private Reading Circle forum
  • private Yi Academy forum
  • WikiWing
  • individual support through focussed 30 minute ‘I Ching Chat’ calls
  • discounts on individual readings when available

Costs only £10 (about $13 or €12) per month. More details here.

Gift membership in Change Circle

You can give someone a gift certificate for three, six or twelve months of Change Circle membership. Details here.

Friends: Clarity’s free membership

Joining Friends is free, and includes:

  • I Ching Community membership: get help with your readings and share your insights.
  • Full access to supplementary downloads and guides to accompany the Beginners’ I Ching Course
  • The audio version of the Beginners’ Course, so you can listen and learn on the move – no need to be glued to a screen
  • A subscription to Friends’ Notes, to keep in touch with Community highlights and other I Ching news
  • Get more details and join here.

WikiWing membership

The I Ching Community’s unique collaborative, experience-based hexagram-by-hexagram commentary. You can join, consult and contribute to WikiWing on a ‘pay what you want’ basis, starting from all of £1/month.

Get full details and join here.

Resonance Journal software

Software to record your readings, dreams, synchronicities and reflections – including full Yijing translations, commentary and Language of Change glossary. Download the 30 day free trial from here or purchase your lifetime license key for £30 (about $38 or €35).

Yijing Foundations Course

– the fundamentals for confident interpretation, available in video, audio and pdf ebook formats. This course is included for no extra charge as part of Change Circle membership, or the self-study version can be purchased separately for £75 (~$95 or €88).

See the full syllabus here

Language of Change I Ching Glossary

A quick-reference pdf guide to the ancient imagery of the I Ching: offerings, feudal lords, marriage, river crossings and all, for £7. Have a look at the table of contents and an example entry here.  (Also included in Change Circle membership.)

Personal I Ching reading service

This service is open two or three times a year for in-depth exploration of big questions – check here for availability and to download the free ‘Ways of Opening’ guide to finding your question. Cost: £200 (about  $254 or €234), or four instalments of £52 (~ $66/€61)

I Ching Chat

30 minutes’ chat to get unstuck on a reading, for £30 (about $38 or €35) – visit this page to see if this would suit you.