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Quick Yijing Reference

When you're new to the Yijing (I Ching), conversations about it can seem like being caught in a blizzard - terminology and assumptions flying everywhere until you can't see where you are. This page is dedicated to getting all that confusion out of the way. It includes:
  • The ebook and video guide to casting with three coins
  • A further downloadable guide to casting with other methods, including yarrow and 16 beads
  • A downloadable guide to good translations, with reviews and recommendations
  • A downloadable guide to Yijing terminology (from bagua to Zhou)
The full page content is available as soon as you join Change Circle or sign up for the Foundations Course. (Joining Change Circle has the advantage that you can ask all your questions in the private Yi Academy forum.) You can also find help with the basics in the free Beginners' Course.


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