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I Ching Readings

Sample Yijing readings

Reflections on Lasting

A little background Let me set some context for this one. Back in November 2021, I’d just finished planting garlic round the half-dozen raised beds I’ve created over the years, then mulching the beds with a good layer of compost, ready for sowing the following spring. The next day, we… Read more »Reflections on Lasting

fish on plate

Too many readings?

This was going to be a simple post A worried client emailed me. He’d just been organising his journal, listing all his readings, and found there were a whole lot more on one topic than he’d thought. He said he was wondering if he’d become ‘a bit of a Yi-aholic.’… Read more »Too many readings?

close-up of old gate latch

Out of the gate

This is by way of a follow-up to my ‘Dispersing Nourishment‘ reading. I thought I’d share as it’s another reading that shows how Yi helps with the small stuff, and on multiple levels. Besides, I appreciate the eloquence of the trigrams in this one. Background, reading… My joints ache –… Read more »Out of the gate

A sage bush

Dispersing Nourishment

This is an embarrassingly ‘first world problems’ kind of reading, but happily Yi doesn’t judge – and it was tremendously helpful at the time, so I thought it would be a good one to share. The background How were things for you in March 2020? Round here, they were just… Read more »Dispersing Nourishment

An interview

CJ Liu kindly invited me to be interviewed on her show, and here’s the result. (I just want to reassure you that CJ did get a better reading from me than you see here! We talked about her reading for an extra half-hour or so in private, when she didn’t… Read more »An interview

taut threads of spider silk in the dark

Staying connected

Divination means we’re connected. It demonstrates that there’s no such thing as ‘isolation’: the cosmos has 100% uptime. You can toss three coins six times, any time, to experience its absolute connectivity. Yi’s connection works, as it always has, through imagery. It doesn’t just talk (though it certainly does that,… Read more »Staying connected

mists rising over mountain lake

Using trigrams in a reading

Here’s an example reading of mine, showing how trigrams can cast more light on changing lines. The background I was contacted a while ago by someone (I’ll call her S) who wanted to invite me to participate in a project of hers. Actually, that’s not quite how it happened. S… Read more »Using trigrams in a reading