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I Ching chat

for fresh insight into your reading


You could use this to…

  • get help with a knotty decision
  • get some quick insights you can use from a reading you’ve found baffling
  • find a new way to see a difficult situation
  • talk things through and find your question

Our chat could be a starting point for your own deeper exploration, or it could provide just the spark of insight you need to make use of a quick reading.

How it works

I’m currently available for I Ching chats on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

1. Book your slot

Pick a time on my calendar and book your call. (This step comes first, so you don’t pay until you know there’s a suitable time available for you.)

2. Send payment

After you’ve booked, you’ll see a link on the confirmation page to return to the payment form:

Click this link after scheduling

From there you can pay securely with credit card or Paypal, and then…

3. Set a topic for our talk

… on the ‘thanks’ page after payment, you’ll find a form to send me the details of what you’d like to discuss so I can prepare. (For instance: the question you asked, the reading you received, any background I need to understand.)

Then we have our call at the time you chose, and I’ll email you a recording afterwards.

Is this right for you?

An I Ching chat will suit you if you’d like some help with a reading you’ve cast. You absolutely don’t need to be some kind of expert, though it’s best if you’re not completely new to the oracle.

Less is more

This isn’t a comprehensive interpretation (I like to allow a month for one of those), and I find it’s better not to bite off more than we can chew: thirty minutes dedicated to getting a handle on one reading is going to be much more helpful to you than a 30 minute gallop through several readings. I won’t make up ‘rules’ for our call topic – that would be daft – but I do recommend you keep it manageable.

What’s really possible in 30 minutes?

Here’s some feedback from Hepzibah (that’s her forum username) about her experience with I Ching chats:

If you’re a Change Circle member –

– don’t forget I Ching chats are already included in your membership.

(If you're not a member, you're welcome to join - you'll be able to access the members-only booking page immediately.)

Price, and a very simple guarantee

An I Ching Chat session costs £30 (about $38 or €35).

If at any time after our call you’re not happy with it, please contact me for a full refund of your payment. I give this slightly unusual guarantee because I think this is an unusual kind of purchase, one that needs a foundation of mutual trust.

A free option

If you’re happy to share your reading on the I Ching with Clarity podcast, I’d be happy to give you an I Ching chat session for free. For more details, and a booking form, click here.

Book an I Ching Chat

  1. First book your slot
  2. – then send payment