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Your question

Before you consult the oracle, you need to know the question you’re asking. And that’s the whole point of putting your question into words: so that you know what you are asking. There’s more on finding your question in the final module of this course. For now, here are four simple ‘question templates’ that work well:

  • What do I need to understand about…?
  • What best to do about…?
  • How can I…?
  • What if I…?

(You’ll notice that these are all about your own understanding and choices, not about what anyone else might think or do. This is intentional!) Just complete one of these (if in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with the first one) and write down what you will be asking Yi.

Apply: write your question down

Write your question down now. Write it in a paper journal or record it on your phone/computer/tablet – either’s fine – but don’t start casting until you’ve done this. Believe me, consulting the I Ching without knowing what you’re asking is a perfect recipe for confusion.

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