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The fan yao

The term ‘fan yao‘ – literally, the ‘reverse line’ – was coined by Bradford Hatcher to describe the line that ‘reverses’ the change of a single changing line. (For instance, 1.3 changes to 10, and 10.3 changes to 1: 10.3 and 1.3 are one another’s fan yao.)

The fan yao can be helpful on its own, though it’s best understood as part of a pathway of four related lines including your changing line, for a deep exploration of its themes and resonances. There’s a short course on line pathways inside Change Circle, including…

  1. An introduction to the four lines of the pathway and how to find them.
  2. An explanation of the fan yao and how to use it in readings
  3. …and the qian yao or ‘paired line’
  4. …and the ‘hidden line’ that completes the pathway.
  5. An alternative pathway you can follow when your cast hexagram is in a complementary pair.
  6. An example ‘walk’ round a complete line pathway.

It’ll get you started including line pathways in your own ‘deep dive’ readings. But here’s Module 2 from the course for you now, as a taster, about the fan yao –

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