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I Ching chat on the Clarity podcast

An ‘I Ching chat’ is a 30 minute conversation about a reading, where I give you an overview and a ‘way in’ to hear what the oracle’s saying to you.

There are three different ways you can sign up for one:

What kind of readings are suitable?

Basically, if it’s a good question, and it’s one you’re happy to share publicly, then it’s a good fit.

A quick summary of what I mean by a ‘good question’:

  • not asking for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response (instead of ‘Should I do this?’ ask ‘What if I do this?’)
  • not asking about two things at once (instead of ‘Should I do this or that?’, pick one and ask ‘What about doing this?’)
  • not about a topic where a human expert could be of more help (medical, financial or legal advice)
  • no invasions of someone else’s privacy please!

If you’re not sure, just email me and we can discuss your question.

About confidentiality

To book a free chat, you need to be happy to be recorded and have the audio recording shared with Clarity’s podcast subscribers. So obviously, this free reading – unlike any other one-to-one reading you have with me – isn’t confidential. The whole world could hear it! (If the whole world subscribed to Clarity’s podcast, which it doesn’t… but you know what I mean.) We don’t have to mention any names, though, if you don’t want to. If you share some detail you didn’t mean to, I can edit that out before publication – but I do need to be able to share the whole reading. I’ll ask you to make a firm commitment before we talk that you’ll allow the recording in its entirety to be published to the podcast.

About audio quality

A recording for a podcast needs higher quality audio than a normal video chat. I’ll need your help to get the audio quality as good as we can.

In practice that means:

  • finding a quiet place to record with no background noise. (Even if you can ignore it, listeners wouldn’t be able to!)
  • plugging in headphones / earphones to guarantee we don’t have echo on the call

Of course, if you happen to have a nice external microphone, I’d be very happy if you used it! But just your usual video chat set-up, plus headphones, will do.

Book a free reading

(You’ll pick a date and time for our call first – please note they’ll display in your own timezone – and then fill in the details of your reading.)

If you’d like me to interpret your reading, but you don’t want to be recorded

The aim of the I Ching with Clarity podcast is to show people the real oracle at work. So I’ll always prefer to feature recordings of live readings, as those are more immediate and genuine than just a monologue from me.

Still, there’ll be room for some episodes where I just talk through a reading on my own. If you’d like your reading to be featured in one of these, please post it to the I Ching Community (the reading background, your question and the I Ching’s answer) and email me a link to the thread.

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