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Speculations on relations between hexagrams: the Sequence, patterns of trigrams, nuclear hexagrams, etc

Nourished by synchronicity: 38 zhi 27

Nourished by synchronicity: 38 zhi 27

The relating hexagram, the one revealed by the moving line changes, can show the aspect or quality of the cast hexagram embodied in those lines. One way to imagine this is to say to yourself, ‘The reading shows how [primary hexagram] might do [relating hexagram].’ That works well in readings, because the relating hexagram typically represents where you are – the title for this chapter of your experience, as it were, where you stand, and probably the filter you’re seeing through.

If your relating hexagram is 27, Nourishment (literally ‘Jaws’), then the situation for you is going to be all about getting fed – on all levels. It’s not just having a framework in place that provides for you, but also – ‘See the jaws!‘ – bringing awareness to that framework as a way of transformation.

So suppose Hexagram 38, Opposing, is changing to 27. How might Opposing find – or transform – Nourishment? How does the outsider, alone and away from the home, get fed? Also, how is her way of living and nourishing herself to be changed? After all, the isolated eccentric, beyond social pressures to adjust, might get set in her ways.

Here’s how that happens: 38.2.4:

‘Meeting a master in the lane.
Not a mistake.’

‘Opposed, alone.
Meet an inspiring man.
Joining together in trust,
Danger, no mistake.’

This is one of those eye-opening two-line changes I’ve written about before, where two changing lines together reveal the connection between the hexagrams just as clearly as a single line usually does. (One of the examples in that post is the reverse of this one – 27.2.4 changing to 38 through ‘unbalanced nourishment’.)

How is the outsider nourished? Through meetings. While every line of 38 describes some kind of encounter, these are the only two to use the word ‘meeting’, 遇 yu4, and describe an encounter with a single person.

What’s a ‘meeting’, exactly? According to Richard Sears’ online dictionary, it means meet, run into, come across, encounter, treat, treatment, opportunity, luck, meeting of minds, to win confidence (of a superior), to rival, to match with. The signific part of the character means ‘walking on the road’. So there’s 38’s 27: the outsider runs into new people on the road, and can be nourished and changed by the encounter.

38 zhi 27 - path through the forest

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