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The Resonance Journal: journalling to uncover your deeper story

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Software designed by and for Yijing users, so you can keep a single, interconnected journal of your whole life: experiences, Yijing readings, dreams and synchronicities.

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Never lose another reading

Powerful specialist search features mean you can find a reading – or any entry – from anything you remember about it. Some fragment of what you wrote, or your question, or one of the hexagrams you cast, or which line was changing, or even a component trigram.

Use the simple filter for a quick text search, and open the ‘Advanced Search’ for all the detail. (It also means you can discover some interesting patterns – for instance, how often do your readings about that situation contain the trigram kan? Have you been getting more fifth lines changing in the past month?)

Cast your reading as you choose…

You can use the built-in hexagram casting, or cast in your usual way and make a quick record of the reading. (Use the drop-down menu if you know the number of your hexagram; drag-and-drop trigrams and lines if you don’t.)

Select your casting option
See the connections

Sometimes the message you need to hear is in the connections between readings (and dreams and signs and insights). A quick ‘cast history’ view of Yijing readings, plus tagging for all entries, mean you can trace those connections and hear what they’re telling you.

Understand the answers

In addition to three translations with helpful commentary – Bradford Hatcher’s, LiSe Heyboer’s and mine (updated from my book) – the Resonance Journal also includes the complete Language of Change Yijing glossary (as sold here), built right into the software. You can also add your own translations, notes and links.

One journal for everything

The Resonance Journal is specialist Yijing software, so it includes everything you need for a reading, from casting to translations and glossary.

But because readings, dreams, synchronicities and insights are interconnected and resonant by their nature, it’s also designed to reflect this. You can:

  • create links between entries.
  • connect entries of different types (general insights, readings, dreams…) by giving them the same tag.
  • make ‘child’ entries – for instance, record a dream and add a dream interpretation reading as sub-entry.
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“5 stars for Resonance journal! 

It’s easy to review same hexagram experiences all together, a library of resources can be on hand for reference (so far, I’m only using Hilary’s which comes with the RJ though), it’s set up to be able to see how hexagrams are trending at a glance, it has exploring capability by being able to sort whatever is tagged, and has a variety of journaling options such as notes, dreams, translations, etc. It’s just the best.”

iams girl (via the I Ching Community)