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The Resonance Journal for Mac

The Resonance Journal for Mac is exactly the same program as the Windows version, with all the same features. However, the installation process is different.

 How to set up your journal

1. Get Java

For the Resonance Journal to work, you need to have Java installed on your computer. This is a free download you may already have.

So visit the Java website and first click the ‘Do I have Java?’ link – and if you don’t have it, download it and install.

2. Download the Resonance Journal for Mac

Download Free Trial
(for Mac)

Save it to somewhere you can easily find it, such as your desktop.

3. Install

  1. If the file you have downloaded is named JournalSetupMac.zip, double-click on it. It will ‘unzip’ and you will see a file named JournalSetupMac.dmg – this is the installer.
    (Your browser may be set to unzip downloaded zip files automatically, in which case you can skip this step: there’ll be a pause, and then you’ll see JournalSetupMac.dmg ready to go.)
  2. Open the JournalSetupMac.dmg file. You’ll see this installer window:Mac installation screenshot
  3. Drag the Resonance Journal for Mac folder onto Applications. The Resonance Journal should now be installed on your computer.

4. Start using your Journal

  1. Open a Finder window
  2. Select the Applications folder and scroll down to the Resonance Journal for Mac subfolder.
  3. Click the subfolder to see its contents – they’ll look like this:Resonance Journal folder on Mac
  4. Open the journal by clicking on Resonance_Journal.jar. (You may want to create an alias of this file and drag it to the desktop for easy access.) Depending on your security settings, you may see a message like this – Security warning on opening – if you do, just click ‘Open’ to continue and open your journal.
  5. You’ll see the ‘Welcome’ entry, like this – Resonance Journal welcome screen on Mac (If the buttons on the right-hand side are cut off, you can fix this by dragging the right-hand screen divider, or by selecting Windows > Reset Windows in the main menu.)
    Just follow the steps given here to get underway.

I’d also recommend you subscribe to the ‘Enliven’ course to get the most out of your new journal.


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