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News about Resonance Journal for Mac

Long, long ago, when Justin (the programmer) and I started incubating the idea of Yijing journal software, we settled on building it in Java so it would work for Windows and Mac. And thanks to much attention and TLC from Justin, that’s what it does.

However… it all turned out to be a little trickier in practice than in theory. Everything behaves differently on the Mac – and neither of us owns one. So to create a Mac-friendly version and provide ongoing support for Mac users, Justin has been using an online service, a ‘virtual Mac’. Which, it turns out, doesn’t quite behave like a real one – making tech support interesting


We’ve reluctantly decided to ‘retire’ the Mac version of the Resonance Journal.

For existing Journal users

If you’ve already bought the Resonance Journal for Mac, don’t panic. It will carry on working just the same as always, and we’ll still do our best to help if you need it.

However, there won’t be any further updates for Mac – so it isn’t future-proof. It’s always possible that some future Apple update will break . (Don’t forget you can export your entries!)

For new Mac users

The Mac version of the Resonance Journal is different from the Windows version in three ways:

  • no further updates
  • no promise of support (if it’s something we know how to solve, of course we’ll help, but we can’t guarantee anything)
  • and available for half price

Do download and install the trial first, explore it thoroughly and make sure it does what you need!

I Ching Community discussion

Mountain above

Mountain above

When you’re looking at a hexagram through the lens of its trigrams, I think it’s important to see how they work together, as a trigram picture rather than a dry list of attributes. However, it’s still interesting to single out a trigram and a position (inside or outside), to compare the different ways it can… Continue Reading

Leaping in the abyss

Leaping in the abyss

I’ve been having another look at the mysterious fourth line of Hexagram 1, Creative Force: ‘Someone leaping in the abyss.No mistake.’ Hexagram 1, line 4 A story of dragons This line is generally understood to be part of the story that begins in line 1, with the dragon still asleep underwater, ‘Dragon underwater – don’t… Continue Reading

The noble one’s constancy, and inner light

The noble one’s constancy, and inner light
This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Hidden gems

Hexagram 12 is no fun at all… ‘Blocking it, non-people.Noble one’s constancy bears no fruit.Great goes, small comes.’ Hexagram 12, Oracle The noble one is typically imaginative and willing to learn; constancy means persistence, loyalty, holding firmly to the truth… and none of this is going to make any difference. The trigram picture… …conveys the… Continue Reading

Lines in conversation

Lines in conversation
This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Hidden gems

The Yijing’s changing line texts are in conversation with the hexagrams created by each change. But they can also have quiet exchanges with their fan yao, the ‘reverse line’ that travels in the opposite direction. For instance, 11.2 changes to 36, and in reverse, 36.2 changes to 11: 11.2 and 36.2 are one another’s fan… Continue Reading

Not a mistake

Not a mistake

Recently, I heard someone say that the phrase ‘no mistake’, wu jiu 无咎, occurs so often in the Yijing that he tends to ignore it in readings. Well… you know how I generally feel about ignoring bits of readings… so, naturally, I dived back in to see what more I could learn by taking a… Continue Reading

Gathering readings, overturning the block

Gathering readings, overturning the block

Here’s a lovely message I had last year from PeterS, getting on well with his Resonance Journal: “I should note that a pressing reason for me to adopt Resonance Journal is the sense that I was building up a collection of readings for which I was taking careful notes (in a MS Word doc) but… Continue Reading

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