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Trace the changes

Now, did you get any changing lines?

If not, this hexagram is your whole answer: read the basic texts and commentaries in your translation, but none of the line texts. (You’ll find more ideas on how to respond to a single-hexagram, unchanging answer here.)

If you did receive changing lines, then –

– let them change!

Every old yin line (6) –  6 – becomes young yang: 7.

Every old yang line (9) – 9 – becomes young yin: 8.

The other lines – the 7s and 8s – stay the same. The hexagram revealed by these changes is your relating hexagram.

When your reading has changing lines, you need to read:

  • The basic texts for the hexagram you cast: your primary hexagram
  • The basic texts for the hexagram revealed when the changing lines are changed: your relating hexagram
  • And the texts associated with the specific lines that are changing in your primary hexagram.

So for example, the primary hexagram 36, Brightness Hiding, with its second line changing…


…would give the relating hexagram 11, Flow:


With this answer, you’d read the basic texts for Hexagrams 36 and 11, and the text for line 2 of Hexagram 36.

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