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Reading For Others Class

If you’re fascinated by the Yijing – and you can see when your friends, family or clients could benefit from its help – and you want to be able to share that with them – then the ‘Reading for Others’ class could be for you. The next class will be in 2024 or ’25 – if you’re interested, do sign up below so I can keep you informed!

About the class

What we’ll cover

Just as the Foundations Course covers the fundamentals for confident interpretation, this one will equip you with all you need to interpret readings for other people. When someone is lost, or stuck, or turning in circles round a difficult decision, you’ll be able to help with a reading.

You already know how Yi helps – the experience of recognition, insight and deep connection that comes in conversation with the Oracle. The Reading For Others class is about making that experience possible for other people.

Think of it as inviting thirsty people to the Yijing-Well and making sure their thirst is quenched.

The Reading for Others course (the study materials for the class) cover three areas:

The Well Rope: interpretation skills to draw out the answer present in a reading

The Bucket: communication skills to make the reading accessible

A Well-Keeper’s Manual: developing your resourcefulness as a reader

The Well Rope: interpretation for others

With your own readings, you know ways to reach their essence – or to allow it to come to you. But how can you understand and recognise someone else’s answer as Yi is speaking to them? And more importantly, how can you bring that experience of recognition within their reach, even if they’re completely new to the oracle? How can you support someone else’s relationship with Yi?

The ‘Well Rope’ part of the class covers:

  • listening to the querent and helping them find their real question
    • developing your own ground rules about questions
    • when – and how – you might encourage someone to rephrase their question
    • inspiring questions (for coaching or spiritual work)
  • grasping and communicating the outline of a reading
    • understanding the primary/relating hexagram framework as an answer to someone else’s question
    • communicating reading structure to a querent who’s new to Yi
    • conveying an ‘essence’ of a hexagram through distinctions and stories
    • working with an unchanging reading
  • Helping a querent navigate changing lines
    • ‘contradictory’ lines
    • multiple moving lines (even when you don’t have long for the reading)

The Bucket: communicating the reading

It’s not enough only to ‘draw’ the reading for your querent; you need to give it to them, as something they can own, take with them and use in practice.

  • Choosing the best modality for you to deliver the reading
    • pros and cons of written readings vs live conversation
    • designing your own ideal reading ‘recipe’ to fit your own gifts
  • How much technical Yijing stuff to include?
    • communicating moving lines without technical overwhelm
    • when to ‘show your workings’ as you use your interpretive tools, and when not to
  • Giving (really giving) people images to think in
    • suggested steps for sharing an image so the querent experiences their own moment of recognition
  • What if the querent rejects the answer – then how can you give it to them?
  • Summarising a reading and making it ‘portable’
  • Giving a good reading when time is limited
  • When, how and why you would follow up after the reading

The Well-Keeper’s Manual: developing your resourcefulness as a reader

Understanding who you are as a diviner and what you give to others. How to keep on becoming a better reader – and how to stay whole and more or less sane in the process.

  • Developing your understanding of your own unique gifts and challenges as a diviner
    • (With suggested questions for Yi – and of course I’m available to discuss the answers)
  • What to do when you’re stuck with interpretation
    • what I turn to first
    • using interpretive tools to answer specific questions about a reading
    • additional, clarifying readings: what you might ask, and when, and what to share
  • Developing your own resources as a reader
    • how to use your own journal (and how not to use it)
    • building up a library of examples, parables, quotations…
    • ongoing learning, recommended resources
  • Ground rules and confidence with querents
    • When and how you might get Yi’s help with the relationship
    • When would you decline to read?
    • Maintaining your own emotional resilience and avoiding burnout
    • The limits of a diviner’s responsibility

Where, when and how

Class dates and timing

The next class will probably be in late 2024 – sign up below so I can email and let you know!

Sign up for notifications

If you’re interested in the class, add your name to the list below, and I’ll let you know when the next one starts.

How it works

The class will be a small group of no more than 12 people. There will be…

  • an engaging online course (plus the pdf version to download and keep)
  • structured practice in pairs to integrate each new idea and tool
  • individual feedback on your recorded pair sessions
  • a private forum for class students only (to get questions answered, discuss topics in depth with other students, share and collect resources, practise readings and run shared ‘reading experiments’)
  • weekly Zoom meetings for the group – for Q&A, integration and yet more live reading practice.

As you can maybe tell, I believe that this is best learned through practice! This Class can provide a safe space to give readings and get in-depth feedback.

But if this looks like a lot, don’t worry. The core learning happens via the online course and paired practice; Zoom meetings and private forum are there as more of a ‘safety net’ to ensure you have all the support – and all the practice opportunities – you could possibly want. If you miss a Zoom meeting, that’s not a disaster.

This class will be held under the Change Circle ‘roof’, because Change Circle’s resources – from WikiWing to Reading Circle to the Foundations Course to I Ching chats – can all be a huge help in reading for others. This means that if you’re already a Change Circle member you get a nice, fat discount; if you’re not, you’ll have access to Change Circle for the duration of the class.

Quick course preview

I find presentation makes a big difference when it comes to online learning. So… the Reading for Others Course is presented as clearly and memorably as I can, in a true course format where you can track your progress. A couple of screenshots to give you an idea…


The exact price of the Class isn’t decided yet, but it will be in the region of £300-£400.

Sign up for notifications

If you’re interested in the class, add your name to the list below, and I’ll let you know when the next one starts.

Questions Answered…