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Divination tips

‘DIY’ tips for I Ching divination

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Why we cherish Yi

Clarity’s recent member survey (still open here if you missed it) is teaching me a lot about who I’m writing for, how to help, what to improve, and so on – thank you for taking it! Still, I think my favourite part, the question I’m most glad to have asked, is… Read more »Why we cherish Yi

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Sharing the I Ching

Have you ever tried to explain your relationship with the I Ching to someone? Maybe explaining how you took a decision, solved a problem, reached an insight? Or do you find it simpler just to avoid the subject altogether? Naturally, I find myself mentioning the oracle more often than most:… Read more »Sharing the I Ching

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The relatable oracle

I went away for a week this summer and met a lot of new people. As you can imagine, the “what do you do?” conversations are always interesting for me. “What do you do?”“Divination, with the I Ching.” And once we had got past the “you do what with the… Read more »The relatable oracle

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You are the expert

Recently, when I don’t have any particular news to link to, I’ve taken to making my forum signature read, “You are the expert on your own readings.” I’ve found this is something people really need to hear. There’s a very widespread tendency to rush to commentaries, or the helpful people… Read more »You are the expert

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Follow-up readings

Before you start reading this article, or anything anyone writes about how to consult the Yijing, do bear in mind that there are no rules for this. All I can share is what I’ve found works best in readings, for myself and for other people: the approach that will help… Read more »Follow-up readings

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The words and the magic

The Yi is an oracle; it speaks. (The word ‘oracle’ has its roots in the Latin orare, to speak, and oraculum, the name of the priest/ess who gave voice to the god.) Other oracles people use now, like tarot, have interpreters to speak their meanings, but Yi is unique: it… Read more »The words and the magic