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‘DIY’ tips for I Ching divination

A framework for readings

A framework for readings

When we approach a reading, we generally have some principles in mind for how the parts of the answer will fit together and work as a whole. In the beginners’ course on this site, I outline the framework I’ve found works best: the cast hexagram’s the basic answer, the relating (changed) hexagram underlies this and is… Continue Reading

Yi, emotions and decisions

Yi, emotions and decisions

How often have you heard someone say they need to consult with Yi (and perhaps need help with the interpretation) because they’re ‘too subjective’ or ‘too emotionally involved’ with the topic? In a way, that can be true. We can be too close to something, too caught up in its ins-and-outs, and need to step… Continue Reading

What do you give, when you give a reading?

What do you give, when you give a reading?
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Reading For Others

In 2014, Sheffield’s half marathon was cancelled. It was some kind of last minute organisational shambles: not until the spectators were lining the route and the runners waiting at the start did the organisers report that their water supplies hadn’t shown up, so they couldn’t go ahead. The runners started running anyway – and as… Continue Reading

Book of nuclear stories

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Book of Stories

A ‘nuclear story’ (my term for something many people have described before me) is found within a single hexagram, by ‘unpacking’ its trigrams and nuclear trigrams. It unfolds a kind of ‘hidden adventure’ for the hexagram. I realise I’ve written this up for Change Circle members in some detail (see this Wiki article and the linked… Continue Reading

Yijing, Book of Stories

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Book of Stories

Stories are a big part of how readings work. When we’ve gone round and round the situation a few (dozen) times in our thoughts, and everything is stale and stuck, Yi says, ‘Imagine, it’s as if…’ – and everything changes. How I got here, where ‘here’ is, what paths might be open to me now –… Continue Reading

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