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lake below the mountain

What to expect in a relationship

A new listener’s reading for this podcast episode: ‘What to expect in this relationship?’ And Yi’s answer – changing to Hexagram 41, Decreasing, changing to 26, Great Tending (or Taming or Nurturing…), with changing line 3: ‘Three people walking,Hence decreased by one person.One person walking,Hence gains a friend.’ Hexagram 41,… Read more »What to expect in a relationship

cats facing off


When I was preparing for our latest Well Gathering on the subject of Hexagram 6, I posted the above image to Facebook and invited people to guess the hexagram. The first guess posted was Hexagram 38 – which is completely understandable, but it got me thinking… The muddle Both hexagrams… Read more »Differences

Happy birthday sign with balloons

Happy 24th birthday

…to Clarity, that is, and all its members. I registered the domain name ‘’ on 26th April 2000, so I reckon this is our birthday. So for our 24th, I commissioned an upgrade to the Hexagram Search feature of the I Ching Community, and that’s just gone live today. As… Read more »Happy 24th birthday

shakuhachi flutes

Creating peace through music

Question: “What advice can be offered for more effectively providing meditative peace and healing through playing Shakuhachi flute music?” Answer: Great Vigour in Flow. changing to A Yeeky thing I mentioned during this reading: the idea of a dabagua, or ‘big trigram’ hexagram. If you take the trigram dui, lake…… Read more »Creating peace through music

Yu the Great

Gradually nearing the high plateau

Hexagram 53, Gradual Progress, has two lines about the high plateau: ‘The wild geese gradually progress to the high plateau.The husband marches out and does not return,The wife is pregnant, but does not raise the child.Pitfall.Fruitful to resist robbers.’ Hexagram 53, line 3 ‘Wild geese gradually progress to the high… Read more »Gradually nearing the high plateau

A tied-up bag

Question: ‘What do I need to know as I prepare to finish this book and send it out into the world?’ Answer: Hexagram 2, Earth, changing at lines 4 and 6 to 35, Advancing: changing to As Kat and I discussed this one in this latest podcast episode, we mentioned…… Read more »A tied-up bag