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An interview

An interview

CJ Liu kindly invited me to be interviewed on her show, and here’s the result.

(I just want to reassure you that CJ did get a better reading from me than you see here! We talked about her reading for an extra half-hour or so in private, when she didn’t have to split her focus between it and the demands of constructing an interview, and I sent her my notes afterwards. Reading fully delivered, I hope.)

More on CJ’s show at Facebook.

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3 responses to An interview

  1. Hi Hilary,
    I enjoyed your interview. Being a life-long user of the Yi Jing, it is good to see somebody who has struck the right balance in using the Yi. That is between extreme seriousness & reverence one the one hand and casual, flippant, disrespect on the other. The Yi Jing seems to some extent to reflect back the face we turn towards it. This is why it is not found useful for everyone who consults it. some people just can’t think metaphorically or symbolically, they are too rational too literal. (It would be very interesting to see a study done on the Personality Types of the people who are regular users of the Yi). I have run classes on the Yi Jing and would always have the attendees ask “What is the purpose of the Yi Jing coming into my life at this time?” Some of the answers were amazing, as you would expect!
    A catalogue of the archetypes? Perhaps, but their activation (being constellated into a meaningful pattern for the questioner) depends more upon the questioner than the Yi Jing. They are not just to be read, but to be experienced. It is not just what the Hexagrams bring to us, but also what we take to them, that determines their ultimate value for us.
    As you know, the numinous quality (Otto) that the hexagrams can display is not always there. The degree of emotional involvement the questioner has with the question seems to evoke that unique feeling of numinosity. We almost feel as if the answer was written just for us! It is because we can feel it in our bones, it is embodied. At this level it is not so much a received answer, but an encounter with something transpersonal. Of course, all questions are answered, but some answers resonant with a deep part of our unconscious. Those are the ones you remember, just like important dreams.
    Thank you for your work in bringing the Changes to a much wider audience. Your site is excellent and it is sorely needed in these times. The return of Soul to the western world is long overdue, even if we have to bring it from the East.
    Kind Regards,
    Ken Johns.

  2. Thank you, Ken. I know what you mean about readings being an encounter, not just an ‘answer’. Google provides answers 😉 .

    I think some people quite naturally think symbolically/metaphorically – and they will just dive straight into conversation with the Yi and have no idea why anyone ever thought it was difficult – and other people can learn. Sometimes it’s just a question of tricking that rational/literal mind into thinking it’s still running the show.

    I really like your question, “What is the purpose of the Yi Jing coming into my life at this time?” and will borrow it shamelessly. Your Yijing classes sound good!

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