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I Ching with Clarity podcast

Readings, insights and understanding from the I Ching, the oracle of Change.

raindrops on grass

With hindsight

A reading where we already knew the outcome – which really gives us a chance to learn from it! The reading’s about a family argument, and pausing to find a new way to respond, and the advice was Hexagram 5, Waiting, changing at lines 2 and 3 to 3, Sprouting:… Read more »With hindsight

steps up the mountain into the mist

Step by step

Episode 44 of the I Ching with Clarity podcast is about an artist getting started with showing her art, one step at a time – Hexagram 46, Pushing Upward, changing to the Repeating Chasms of Hexagram 29, which made their presence felt as an emotional background. changing to I hope… Read more »Step by step

lake below the mountain

What to expect in a relationship

A new listener’s reading for this podcast episode: ‘What to expect in this relationship?’ And Yi’s answer – changing to Hexagram 41, Decreasing, changing to 26, Great Tending (or Taming or Nurturing…), with changing line 3: ‘Three people walking,Hence decreased by one person.One person walking,Hence gains a friend.’ Hexagram 41,… Read more »What to expect in a relationship

shakuhachi flutes

Creating peace through music

Question: “What advice can be offered for more effectively providing meditative peace and healing through playing Shakuhachi flute music?” Answer: Great Vigour in Flow. changing to A Yeeky thing I mentioned during this reading: the idea of a dabagua, or ‘big trigram’ hexagram. If you take the trigram dui, lake…… Read more »Creating peace through music

A tied-up bag

Question: ‘What do I need to know as I prepare to finish this book and send it out into the world?’ Answer: Hexagram 2, Earth, changing at lines 4 and 6 to 35, Advancing: changing to As Kat and I discussed this one in this latest podcast episode, we mentioned…… Read more »A tied-up bag

sunrise over mountains

A new source of income

This episode of the podcast could also be entitled ‘light dawns in the end,’ as it took a while for me to join all the dots between the querent’s situation and the reading. It’s a great example of how Yi talks to the whole person, though, as well as answering… Read more »A new source of income

a thornbush blocks the view out to sea

Manifesting desires?

The listener’s reading for this episode has an unusual premise: Beebee was trying to work out why what she was trying to manifest in her life wasn’t happening. Where was the block? She asked, “What actions are needed from me in order to achieve my desires?” And Yi responded with… Read more »Manifesting desires?