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Readings, insights and understanding from the I Ching, the oracle of Change.

A reading for Pamela

Some background to this… Pamela Moss is one of the speakers for Festival of Change; I asked her to talk about integration, carrying change through in practice, as I happen to know she’s Very Good At This, and she said ‘yes’, and I danced round the room a bit, in a reserved, English sort of way.

It occurred to me that if I gave each speaker a reading, that reading might turn out to be the kind we could share, and then the recording would be a really good introduction to the speaker. Plus it’s an example reading, and that’s never a bad thing. (I may or may not be able to follow up with readings featuring all the speakers – they might not need one now, and if they do it might not prove ‘share-able’. But I’ll post as many as I can.)

So here, with Pam’s permission (thank you, Pam 🙂 ) is a reading I did for her about her possibility portraits. To explain… she has a two-branched sort of business. She started out painting portraits that help people see and remember their real self and real possibilities; now, she’s branched out into business mentoring for heart-centred people. (What I’ll be asking her about during the Festival draws on both of these – what it is that helps people who see the possibilities move from there to realising them.)

Anyway, the business mentoring has been growing and getting time and attention, and Pam asked for her reading to be about the possibility portraits and what to do with them. So here it is: right-click to download the mp3.


(Oh, about the beginning part about complementary hexagrams – Pam is somewhat familiar with the Yi; I obviously wouldn’t start off like this with someone who wasn’t. And the previous reading, the hexagram 20 one, is mentioned here.)

Living Change I Ching podcast 5

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