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I Ching Community membership

This is the heart of the site: welcoming, active forums where you can share I Ching readings, explore hexagram meanings, and discuss the latest scholarship or anything to do with divination. There are new readings posted and updated every day: you can learn from these, offer insights if you can, and also get help with your own readings. (Questions range from ‘What is synchronicity?’ to 'What if I buy this new car?’)

The Community was founded in 2001, and its archives are a treasure trove of I Ching experiences and insights. As a member, you can easily search through them all - and make your own contributions.

Complete I Ching Beginners’ Course

You can’t be too much of a beginner to join Clarity. This course takes you from zero to casting and interpreting readings - and it’s probably easier than you think.

You’ll learn...

  • how to cast an I Ching reading with three coins
  • good questions to ask the oracle to invite a clear answer
  • how a reading works
  • the fundamentals of interpreting your reading

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Great! I’m always glad to meet another I Ching enthusiast.

You won’t need this course, obviously, but you might find some of the members-only downloads - like Seven Ways to Live a Reading - interesting.

And I think you’ll also enjoy the I Ching Community, whose members range from complete newcomers to people who’ve been talking with Yi for decades.

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