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Are you drawn by the idea of tapping into more of the oracle's (and your own) potential? Change Circle offers a rope and pitcher to reach all the way to the Well-water. It's an open, growing community resource to support your (open, growing) relationship with Yi.

The basic components of this new membership are designed to enable you to make your connection with the oracle a regular, reliable part of your ongoing daily experience of choosing - reflecting - relating - imagining - changing...

What's inside?

A living Yijing reference

- the hexagram-by-hexagram, line-by-line WikiWing. This is not just another I Ching book, but a distillation of people's real experiences applying the lines to real situations. As a starting point, I contributed my own hexagram notes - not available anywhere else - which come from my experiences reading for hundreds of people over the past decade or so. All members are invited to comment, edit and create new articles.

Conversation and support

We have our own private forum, Reading Circle, where you can get feedback on the whole process of an I Ching reading, from choosing the question to acting on the answer. As well as posting to the private forum (which is smaller and friendlier than the free, public forums), we'll also be talking in real time - it makes for stronger relationships and livelier exchange.

Joining Change Circle gives you access to a broad range of 'social networking' features that make it simple to connect up with people who share your interests. (Send private messages to individuals or groups of friends, form groups, create your own forum, use our teleconference line to get on the phone together...)

The 'Jewelbox'

This is the members-only archive of Yijing-related downloads - both recordings of past calls, and contributions from members. A member thought of calling this the 'Jewelbox', and the name's stuck because it does contain some gems.

(The Jewelbox also includes three recorded I Ching seminars from 2005, no longer available for purchase elsewhere: one with Stephen Karcher, one with Margaret Pearson, and one discussing the oracle's journey imagery.)

Your own reading journal

As a Change Circle member, you can create your own blog to record your readings and musings, and share it with all of Change Circle or just with your chosen contacts. (It's extraordinarily easy: you just click 'post to my blog' and start writing.)

Like the Reading Circle forum, the blogs aren't visible to anyone outside Change Circle, and they don't get indexed by Google.

Open opportunities to learn and explore

All members of Change Circle are welcome to start their own groups devoted to exploring whatever they're especially drawn to. The range of social networking features are ideal for this.

For example, you might get together a group of people to talk with Yi about a particular topic (relationships, life purpose, family, business...), or to practice working with some part of the Yijing (trigrams? nuclear hexagrams?). Or you could create a beginners' group, or one for people from your area.

Try it for free

So that you can find out for yourself whether you'd like to be part of Change Circle, I'd like to invite you in for a few weeks, for free. You need to give your payment details when you join, but you can cancel before any money changes hands if you decide not to stay.

Choose between six-monthly or annual membership

  • Six months
    You have two weeks to look around, participate and download things before it costs you anything. Then if you stay on, you'll be charged £23, about $
    , €
    every six months. (You can cancel any time, of course.)
  • Annual membership
    With the yearly membership, you have a full month of browsing, chatting and downloading without charge. Then if you stay on, it costs you £40 per year (about $
    , €

Whichever membership you choose, if you want to leave at any time during the first two months, simply let me know and I'll refund your payment in full. (No fiddly 'unused portion' stuff, just a straightforward, complete refund - and you keep whatever you've downloaded, of course.)

From the moment you sign up, you'll have full access to:

  • WikiWing, the members' line-by-line Yijing commentary that includes my own detailed notes
  • Reading Circle private forum
  • Private member blogs for reading journals
  • Regular live gatherings
  • The 'Jewelbox' of recordings and downloads
  • Social networking features so you can create your own groups

So why not come on in, look up some readings, make some connections, and see what changes for you?


Please choose between 6-monthly or annual membership:

Pay what you want per month (from £10)

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