...life can be translucent
Private membership: a monthly subscription giving access to the Foundations Course, Reading Circle & Yi Academy forums and WikiWing.
Private membership (paid yearly): gives access to Reading Circle forum, WikiWing and blogs.
(Free trials of varying length are included with other products and services.)
£40.00 for each year
Full I Ching reading service with a month's support
A resource kit for getting unstuck and restoring your connection to guidance, including:
  • 8 recorded calls
  • full call transcripts (formatted for fluent reading)
  • excerpted meditation mp3s
  • The Serendipity Book
  • and half-a-dozen extra ebooklets – Full Spectrum Listening, EFT for Integration, Simple Divination and more.
A free sample, Change Questions, is available here.
Journal software for Yijing readings, synchronicities, dreams and more
Yijing glossary in pdf and mobi (Kindle) format
£20.00 for one month

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