Yijing Foundations Course

This course is designed to clear away whatever obstacles stand between you and confidence in your own I Ching readings. If you...

  • have trouble applying the imagery to your own situation and question
  • are baffled by apparent contradictions between different parts of a reading
  • worry that your biases may be distorting your interpretation

...and sometimes find yourself giving up on a reading when you wanted and needed its help, then this is for you.

Looking back through my own handwritten journals from the 1990s, I see a fair sprinkling of 'aha!' moments - I'd never have persisted without them, of course - but also a lot of entries that tail off into '??!?' - where I never really grasped what the reading was telling me.

My journal now, by contrast... still has plenty of '??!?'. But they're at the beginning of the entries, not at the end. Then come specific questions, and - eventually, as I let my intuition respond - the understanding. The one important change between then and now is that I've learned the questions to ask and which elements of the reading will show me the answers. This sounds simple - it is - but it makes all the difference, and it's something you can learn.


I designed the course syllabus by 1) asking a lot of people what problems and sticking-points they had in interpretation and 2) asking myself, 'What do I use to solve those problems - and which of these techniques or insights could I absolutely not manage without? What's essential to understanding a reading?' The resulting course covers:

1. Discovering the question

This is the invisible obstacle: often, what seems to be an interpretation problem is really a confusing-question problem.

2. Connecting to images, part 1 - the trigrams

Probably the single most important element of confident reading: really experiencing the connection between the Yi's imagery and your question. No matter how complex a reading gets, you will always be using that inner touchstone. So we have several weeks to build confidence in that - starting with something as simple and elemental as the trigrams.

3. Connecting to images, part 2: single hexagrams

Developing the skills of connecting to and applying a reading, and getting a feel for a hexagram as a whole.

4. Reading structure part 1: primary and relating hexagrams

The framework for good interpretation: knowing a reading's basic structure and how its elements 'talk to' one another. (No more puzzling over apparent contradictions!) Primary and relating hexagram first, then...

5-6. Reading structure parts 2 and 3: moving lines

 - understood through both line positions and steps of change, so you can handle multiple moving lines without confusion.

7. Foundations for a reading practice

Different ways you can integrate readings as part of your life and keep growing a strong working relationship with the I Ching.

There's also a Yijing reference guide: casting with three coins, other ways of casting, help choosing a translation and a reference pdf of some common Yijing terms, from bagua to Zhou.

"The trigrams and their directions were the juicest part of the course for me, but I can't think of any one thing more useful than another - all of them were! - and I now approach an I Ching reading in a deeper and more transformational way. Instead of just blindly following an I Ching book interpretation, I can contemplate a while and choose a personal way of understanding my casting. Would I recommend it to a friend? Sure, as long as that friend had the prerequisite linguistic and philosophical sophistication to assimilate your very generous, methodical and in-depth information. Otherwise, anyone will appreciate, like I did, your warm, personal support."
Chantal Harte

Course Format

Each module is presented in three formats, so there'll be something for your preferred way of learning:

  • video - with user-friendly controls so you can replay sections as often as you want, accelerate playback, pause or skip ahead through the table of contents, or even run a full text search
  • audio - extracted from the video to take with you and listen on the move
  • pdf ebook - for swift learning, and for convenient reference

Absorbing the material in all three ways - watching, listening and reading - helps it to 'stick' in your mind, so the information's there when you need it.

Also, each module comes with suggested experiments, exercises and ways to apply what you're learning. (Which is important, because information without experience is just an unopened book - and, since it's all digital, not even useful as a doorstop...)

"The most useful thing I learned? To be faithful to the actual words, rather than just a sense of them, i.e. that every word/image is saying something important.

The structures have been very helpful too, things like the relating hexagram as where I can recognise myself or the lines as layers/story. This helps to ground my reading before my intuition can take off. I also found the trigrams and their qualities useful.

Since taking the course, I pay more attention to every word and spend much more time with the image. I pay attention to the voices of the lines. When I have time, I spend more time on the trigrams too. I think I am more confident commenting on other people's readings. Usually I have found this hard to do.

I also feel more trust. I feel less likely to ignore the message, if I get the message in the first place that is. It may sound weird but I feel like my awareness has gone through a doorway and suddenly hears things unheard before, and I understand the language more.

The notes were great. I plan to print them all out and make a mini-book, I will return to them frequently. There's a lot of information there and I will happily keep studying them for some time.

It's been a fantastic course and very helpful. I think it is more suited to people who have already tried using the oracle and not felt confident rather than total beginners. The thing is that I imagine many beginners try and give up because they can't make sense of their casts, and I think one has to be hooked in some way to put in the work and persevere, which is when we get results."


World's Simplest Guarantee

If - for any reason and at any time - you aren't happy with the Foundations Course, please just tell me, and I'll give you your money back without question or fuss.

Read this before you buy:
There are two ways to get the Foundations Course

If you buy from this page

...you'll receive immediate access to the full course - 7 modules with video, audio and ebook versions and supplementary reference materials, and suggested 'assignments' and things to try for each module.

What you don't receive is any support or help with the Course: this is a purely digital, self-study product.

Also, because it's purely digital, the EU requires that I charge VAT on the purchase to all EU residents. (That's why the order form requires your address even though there's nothing to post.) So the course costs £50 (about $76.00 or €67.50) plus any VAT chargeable where you live.

If you join Change Circle

...then you receive:

  • The complete Yijing Foundations course, delivered at a manageable pace of one module every two weeks
  • Access to the Yi Academy forum where you can get feedback and support on the Course - or any other Yijing questions you have
  • Access to more advanced Yijing course materials as I develop them
  • Access to Reading Circle, Clarity's main private forum for sharing readings (it also includes the 'Dreams and Yi' subforum)
  • Extensive Change Circle archives of call recordings with members' readings
  • Access to WikiWing, our collaborative, experiential Yijing book
  • The option of booking a 30 minute one-on-one call with me for extra help

This is a 'pay what you want' offer, starting at £10/month. (And - good news for Europeans - because of the personal support included, it's exempt from VAT.)

So unless you want to download the whole Foundations Course today and/or have an extreme allergy to forums, I'd recommend you opt for Change Circle.

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