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Yijing Notes
Lots of great Yi-related links - generally to scholarly articles and papers.

Yijing Wondering and Wandering
Not merely articles, but the entire, beautiful Yijing Wondering and Wandering book is being added to this site, page by page. It's an outstanding book that combines deep, highly original structural insights with genuine heartfelt connection with the oracle. Enjoy.

I Ching: Living Change
Stephen Karcher's website: information on upcoming events, consultations, and a huge, in-depth 'resource library' that describes his approach and tools for divination. Dive in! Or pick one interpretive approach that's new to you, and try it out in your readings for a while.

Yijing Algebra
Subtitled 'The Yijing in the information age', Andreas Schoter's site makes interesting and surprisingly intelligible use of algebra to analyse and add to the 'interpreter's toolkit'. The site includes links, book reviews, contact details for personal readings and study in Scotland, and - the highlight - detailed papers in pdf format. These include one written jointly with Stephen Karcher, developing ideas for new interpretive methods.

I Ching articles
The website of Harmen Mesker, a Yijing scholar with fascinating insights. He concentrates on intensive research into the original meaning of characters, to arrive at a practical interpretation to use in readings. Very interesting reading!

Yijing Dao - Calling crane in the shade
A radiantly designed I Ching site from Steve Marshall, author of the fascinating Mandate of Heaven. Its core is an excellent collection of witty and scholarly book reviews originally printed in the Oracle Yijing journal. There's also a very good introduction to the I Ching: the articles on ruling lines and on what to avoid in your divination practice are particularly good... so is the description of the cycles of yin and yang on the front page. The links page lists some sites you probably won't have found elsewhere, and is also very funny. This is a lovely site - and to cap it all, it's named after my favourite line of the I Ching.

Yijing Poetics: Denis Mair
An outstanding collection of in-depth essays and original translations. Denis Mair's work is distinguished by a thorough knowledge of Chinese culture, and an alert intelligence for image and especially for recurring themes between hexagrams. Here you'll find (amongst other things) essays on individual hexagrams, especially the first two, on 'airy paths' between hexagrams traced by moving lines, and several articles on the sequence. There's too much depth here for 'surfing': set aside some time, visit, download, print, and settle into a good chair.

Drumming the I Ching patterns
The I Ching isn't just words, images and structural relationships; it's also rhythm. Here's a complete description of a method for drumming the I Ching, using this as a form of divination, meditation and healing. Includes a hexagram chart to drum from.

Casting I Ching hexagrams by Remo Dentato
The most comprehensive listing imaginable of ways to consult the I Ching, with coins, marbles, cards, sticks, dice - and a few others... But this is not just a random collection, it's very thoughtfully put together, with good (if technical) background information on statistics and clear navigation. Tip: to navigate to different pages in the site, two clicks in the left-hand menu are required: one on the heading, and then again on a subsection under that heading.

Chris Lofting's Emotional I Ching
If you...

...then the late Chris Lofting's work should be your next port of call. It's as different from onlineClarity as you can imagine. His work is becoming harder to find online, but there is a short version at the above Scribd link, and a longer one is still available from Amazon.

I Ching: Mothering Change
An online oracle and translation, oriented towards family life, created by Stephen Karcher in collaboration with 'In the Family Way'. The online oracle uses a method that forces every reading to give a single changing line, but the full translation is available here for you to use with any divination method you choose.

Online I Ching readings

(If you haven't already found Clarity's online I Ching, do have a look...)

EclecticEnergies Yijing
An elegant, well-designed reading from Ewald Berkers, who also wrote the translation and commentary used at this site (which you can purchase from his online shop). You have the option of throwing virtual coins, entering the values of coins you throw yourself, or simply entering the lines directly.

Virtual Yarrow Stalks
A simple, direct online version of consultation with yarrow stalks, using the Wilhelm/Baynes translation. You can actually save this one to your own computer as a single file.

Online I Ching reading
An interesting online reading, with the option of entering the results of your own casting, acting as a minimalist interface to the Wilhelm translation. I say 'interesting' because this version gives you one-click access to both nuclear hexagram and the 'before heaven' hexagrams, which are created by substituting trigrams from the 'Fuxi' arrangement for those in the 'King Wen' arrangement. There's a page of explanation, and a table of hexagrams giving direct access to the text.

I Ching Browser
This isn't precisely an online reading, but you can use the I Ching Browser to enter the hexagram you received and explore both its texts and a miscellaneous set of trigram associations, as well as trigram arrangements and five element theory.

Online I Ching in English or German
...and with plans to add more languages in future. A simple three-coin reading is available here, using the Wilhelm translation, and also a 'hexagram of the day' and hexagrams generated from your name and date of birth.

I Ching fortune
A simple online reading using the Wilhelm/Baynes translation. The reading gives you access just to the translation, but you can click through to read all the Book I commentary as well, or browse the translation by hexagram.

Link collections

Dao House Yijing links
A good-quality listing of Yijing sites, with a brief description and excerpt from each. This is part of a larger directory of links and reviews on all aspects of Daoism.

Greg Whincup's I Ching pages
Greg Whincup is the author of a very interesting I Ching book, and you can read two sample hexagrams from his translation here. There are also plenty of good I Ching links, categorised into translations, Chinese text, conventional and unconventional commentary, online divination and software.

Translations or commentaries

YiJing, Book of Sun and Moon

The most popular website with people at the I Ching Community, LiSe Heyboer's beautiful site includes her own I Ching translation and commentary. If you could buy this as a book, it would be on my 'recommended books' page - but it is online, and it is free. The translation is faithful, the commentary is sensitive, imaginative and profoundly original - it compares very favourably with published versions. Especially fascinating - the images of the most ancient forms of the title ideograms.

The translation is the core of the site, but there's a lot more to explore while you're there. Don't miss the trigram pages, or the 'origins' articles, or Candid's Cave. Visit and enjoy!

Hermetica: Bradford Hatcher's I Ching

An exceptional translation of the I Ching, available online for free, and vastly better than about 99.7% of the I Ching books you'll find in the bookstore. Brad's book includes a very readable translation with incisive semi-poetic commentary, a 'matrix translation' that allows you to read character by character, as well as in-depth chapters on history, structural dimensions, and a whole lot more. Priceless.

Original I Ching, by Dan Stackhouse
This is a unique approach to the I Ching: research and poetic reflections on the ancient characters as names of the hexagrams as pictures, pure and simple. Some of the interpretations are very different indeed from the traditional understanding; many contain crisp insights that will speak straight to you. Dan Stackhouse also describes a new way of divining, a 'self-awareness practice' of drawing up an I Ching Mandala. He runs workshops in California on this method, and a fuller version of his work is available in printed form. A gentle, intelligent and refreshing perspective.

Eclectic Energies I Ching
Ewald uses his own translation and commentary for the online reading at this site; there's also a shop where you can buy a downloadable copy, and very well-designed, user-friendly I Ching software. Other sections of the same site: chakras, acupressure, exercises, energy and enneagram.

Wu-Weifarer's Yijing
A complete translation-come-commentary, making good use of the Wings to produce an authentic, understandable version.

I Ching for the Internet
The 'reading' from clicking the wandering sage simply takes you to a random hexagram - no changing lines. The real value of this site is in the simple summary of each hexagram and its lines - and in the note at the foot of every hexagram about the real meaning of 'negative' lines.

I Ching Resources
A co-operative effort from I Ching users the world over: this is a collection of real I Ching divination experiences from a great variety of perspsectives, usefully organised by hexagram. Though it's really been overtaken by Clarity's WikiWing, you are still very welcome to contribute your own readings - anonymously if you prefer.
(OK, I admit it: this is my own pet project!)

Yijing Website
A complete English version of the Wilhelm translation, Wings and prefaces included, available to browse. There's also an elegantly-presented online reading using a digitised version of the three coin method - again with the Wilhelm text and commentary.

Products and software

(Don't miss the Resonance Journal - for Yijing readings, dreams and synchronicities.)

San Shan Yi Jing
This site features some unusually good I Ching software - sadly not updated since 2006. There is no shortage of I Ching programs available online, but very few of them even include an authentic translation of the oracle. Here is one that not only offers a high-quality translation, but also the option of reading a literal translation, or the original Chinese. The literal translation is accompanied by a detailed commentary (largely based on the relations of the line positions). There is also... well, look at this for a feature list:

True, San Shan Yi Jing isn't perfect. The program interface can feel clumsy, and it is tricky at first to work out how to access all its capabilities: there is still no help file. However, it is definitely one of the best I Ching programs I've seen (and I've tried a good few). It costs an astonishing £29.99: no more than other programs which offer nothing like its richness. And you can download it for a free trial from the San Shan Yi Jing website.

Windows IChing Explorer
I might as well confess straight away that I can't understand this program at all. But its author is developing it actively, so perhaps one day he'll write some instructions and I'll be able to catch up. Meanwhile, here is what he says about it himself:

"A program that requires Windows XP, you might get away with 98, and an MS Access ODBC driver that should already be installed. A work in progress, currently at v3.0.4 (Beta) and designed to eventually allow label, text (dynamically hyperlinked), sequence and image definition. Includes exploration, consultation & logic modes."

I Ching Yarrow Stalks
People often ask me where they can get yarrow stalks for I Ching consultation. This is the answer: yarrow grown, cut and prepared specially for us. The stalks are about 20cm (8") long, very delicate and sweet-scented - lovely to handle.

I Ching coins and yarrow stalks
The 'Yijing supplies' page of a sizeable online store of goods inspired by Taoism. Includes yarrow stalks, handcarved wooden container, and coins.

Javascript I Ching
The javascript I Ching used on this site since its inception in 2000. (Thanks, Dan!) But you don't have to have a website to use this: just download and unzip it on your own computer, and you have your own simple I Ching program, complete with translations by both Wilhelm and Legge.

Change 7 I Ching software
Change 7 includes the complete Wilhelm translation and yarrow-based consultation. You can download a trial version for free, though this can only store 20 readings and doesn't include changing lines (IOW, you need to pay for it to be any use). There's also a tarot program for sale from this site.

I Ching Reader Software

I Ching playing cards
A new way of consulting the I Ching with a special card deck, with extensive information about the cards and the approach they embody on a beautifully-designed site.

The Tao Oracle
64 vivid, evocative hexagram cards. Click a little way into this site, and you can see a gallery of several good-quality images. Unsurprisingly, the card descriptions are feeble and inadequate compared with the words of the original, but the cards themselves are beautiful.

I Ching art

Personal hexagram paintings
Rico Marcelli will paint your hexagram for you, showing how its nature is contained in its sheer physical presence. You can see examples in his hexagram gallery.

I Ching arts
Geoff Bush creates art with and in response to hexagrams - the pure shape of the gua, their meaning, and individual readings. Inspiring - especially the 'private art' page.

I Ching meditations
Vivid images, poems and occasional Flash presentations for many hexagrams.

Gineen Cooper's I Ching art
Pictures from an exhibition. The artist says, "About half way through making the work I started to throw for the the names of the individual pieces so about half are named by the universe!"

Barry Fishman: Yin Yang and the Ten Thousand Things
Paintings created over the course of many years, representing lines, bigrams, trigrams and the hexagrams.

I Ching readers and teachers

I Ching Consultation

This is the site of Cesca Diebschlag, whose experience in Chinese medicine and psychology adds depth to her work with the I Ching. She offers readings in person, by phone or via email.

The site is small and simple, but includes a good introduction to the I Ching and why and when to consult it. (She describes it as both "a weather report on the movements of our personal Tao" and "an ancient, tried and tested form of life coaching" - both very true.) And do not miss the articles page - these are very good indeed.

I Ching Feng Shui Course
As part of their 'Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery' course, the Feng Shui School includes a very comprehensive course in technical I Ching/ Wen Wang Gua divination. Reading through its table of contents will give you a good idea of what's involved.

Qi Men Dun Jia
Information and case studies of the ancient predictive system (and further information on traditional Feng Shui). Consultations are available via the contact form.

I Ching pages in languages other than English

Café Sorabanca I Ching
Spanish site including pages on Taoism, feng shui and Chinese astrology. In English, there's also an excellent Yi Blog, and the inimitable Yi Toons.

Foro Yijing
A shiny new Spanish I Ching forum.

Le Journal du Yijing
A Yijing blog in French with articles on Plum Blossom, Wen Wang Gua and textual interpretation. Thoughtfully written, interesting reading. For instance, here's an angle on hexagram 44 I hadn't encountered before.

GupaJuhe I Ching Mandala art
The work of a French artist, including a wealth of colourful and absorbing I Ching-inspired mandalas.

Sociedad Virtual Argentina de I Ching
Introductory pages, several sample readings, and more advanced articles - regularly updated. More than that I can't tell you without learning Spanish first...

Inner Truth I Tjing
A small mailing list, free private readings, a forum, and free help with your own readings - very generous! (But only available in Dutch.)

I Tjing Centrum Nederland
More information than first appears - browse through and look for submenus! Includes an intriguing forum, and readings for sale.

Online I Ching in Dutch and German
Huub Fleuren's minimalist I Ching interface to the Wilhelm translation. Includes one-click links for every hexagram to its nuclear hexagram and its 'before heaven' equivalent.

I Ching World (周易天地 Zhouyi Tiandi)
A big I Ching forum in Chinese. Its webmaster says:
"Probably the best site on I Ching culture in China: digests of I Ching books from ancient times to the present day, excellent examples of divination and feng shui, and a professional forum with contributions from many experts."

Healing Tao
A Brazilian centre for Taoist studies, with links to courses. There is also an active Portugese-language I Ching mailing list.

Schule des Rades - I Ging
German I Ching information including the entirety of Wilhelm's translation (Books I, II and III), several articles discussing hexagrams from the particular perspective of the 'Wheel', and a quiet but thoughtful I Ching forum.

Deutsches I Ging Institut
"Wenn Sie Ihr Leben aktiv gestalten möchten und den Wunsch haben es nach Ihren persönlichen Fähigkeiten/Erbanlagen auszurichten, dann kann das I Ging wertvolle Hilfe leisten..."

Several articles by Hubert Geurts on individual hexagrams and on the I Ching in general and in partnerhsip with TCM, family therapy and kinesiology; in-person readings are also available.