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You are warmly invited to sign up for membership as a Friend of Clarity. Membership is unconditionally and permanently free, and includes:

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I Ching Community membership

This is the heart of the site: welcoming, active forums where you can share I Ching readings, explore hexagram meanings, and discuss anything to do with divination. There are new readings posted and updated every day: you can learn from these, offer insights if you can, and also get help with your own readings. (Questions range from 'What is wisdom?' to 'What if I buy this new car?')

Getting started

You cannot be too much of a beginner to become a Friend. The 'getting started' section of the members' area assumes zero prior knowledge, and includes:

Going deeper

Not a beginner? There are good things here for you, too, to help refresh and deepen your relationship with the I Ching. You can download

- and you'll also meet many other experienced I Ching people in the forums.

Free samples and excerpts

Good-sized extracts from Clarity's paid products. At the time of writing, you'll find audio excerpts from the advanced I Ching course, and a complete section on 'Crossing the Great River' excerpted from the 'Journey Imagery' presentation. Whenever I have a new product for sale, you'll be able to sample it here.


At Christmas, I've been known put together an anthology of some of the better articles I've published over the years, and offer it to subscribers as a gift. Here are all those anthologies - a permanent Christmas, but without the pine needles in the carpet. ;)

To recap - you get:

And this costs you nothing. No fuss, no credit cards, just choose your username (this'll be your username on the forum, too) and click 'join' to get started.

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