The trigrams of the I Ching

Within the hexagrams of the I Ching are the eight trigrams, or bagua. (Ba means 'eight', gua means 'figures' or 'images'.) They represent fundamental ways that energy moves, and their interactions create new layers of meaning in the hexagrams.

A quick example...

Fire, the energy of life and awareness, naturally flames up:

The reflective, cheerful lake tends to rest or sink downwards:

When the lake is below the fire -

- then you have Hexagram 38, Opposition, with the two forces living together, but constantly pulling apart.

But if the two trigrams are reversed -

- then the result is Hexagram 49, Radical Change. The two opposed energies interact, clear inner vision comes to expression, and the result is revolutionary.

Run your mouse over a trigram to see its name; click to learn more.

Yellow River trigram map Chien, Heaven Sun, wind or wood K'an, water Ken, mountain K'un, earth Chen, thunder Li, fire Tui, lake

Further trigram reading

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