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Yearly Archives: 2009


For some reason, working through the lines of hexagram 32 recently took much longer than any other hexagram had done… 😉 I did find, looking through threads about it at the forum, that other people find it hard, too. Especially, it’s puzzling how a hexagram that describes something essentially positive can have such a scary… Continue Reading

A fresh start for the I Ching Community

The I Ching Community is closing today, and will re-open soon. This is a new start. Vision The I Ching Community is a warm and open place for free, wide-ranging exploration of the I Ching. It’s a place to learn about and from this oracle, through experience, one reading at a time. We respect the… Continue Reading

Truth, confidence and captives

Harmen has just published a new article, which is always a wonderful thing (even if I wish he’d translate his Chinese sources for me!). This one is about fu – that word from the name of Hexagram 61 that means truth or trust or sincerity or confidence, or ‘conforming’ in Ritsema/Sabbadini – or, on oracle… Continue Reading

Using Yi to help others

(Where have I been since my last post? Following Yi’s guidance through the emotional minefield that is house-hunting. Still in one piece, though, and starting to see a way through.) Sometimes people will ask you to consult the Yijing on their behalf, or to help interpret their readings. It’s a daunting challenge (and doesn’t get… Continue Reading

Mare in motion

Yi’s been reminding me of hexagram 2 lately. It’s my ‘hexagram for the year’, unchanging, so I have the opportunity to see it from the inside – after seeing it through my mother’s example a few years ago.  One of the biggest changes in my life this year is going to be moving house, and owning… Continue Reading

No mistake

(Eep… this is the longest gap between blog posts in ages. Where have I been? I’m not completely sure… but it’s involved getting started writing a book (more about this in Change Circle shortly),  getting to know the excellent people who are participating in this year’s Yijing Class, and starting house-hunting – and that has a tendency… Continue Reading

White thatchgrass

(Sometimes I’m working through my notes and some small thing comes into focus. Here’s one of them.) Hexagram 28 is ‘Great Overstepping’: the time of ‘overstepping the mark’ or ‘stepping over the line’, when the weight of things goes beyond what the structure can support, and the ridgepole begins to warp under the strain. Often,… Continue Reading

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