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Gifts, wealth, and hexagram 14

As I’ve mentioned before, I first got to know Hexagram 14, Great Possession, through volunteering. When I was just getting started with Yi, I asked about volunteering in general and about various individual opportunities, and received 14 again and again in the answers. What I came to love about volunteering… Read more »Gifts, wealth, and hexagram 14

Bad hexagrams, problem cards

I don’t do tarot readings, or know anything worth mentioning about tarot, but I still like reading what wise tarot people write. They seem to have a creative, flexible, improvisatory approach to divination that I think Yi people could learn something from. And a lot of the problems/ questions/ possibilities… Read more »Bad hexagrams, problem cards

Are you free on Tuesday 20th?

… starting at 9pm UK time? (That’s 4pm Eastern.) As that’s when Kim Gould of Love Your Design has kindly asked me to join her for her web-radio show. Kim’s speciality is Human Design, a modern system that brings together astrology, the chakra system, Kaballah and the I Ching. Fortunately… Read more »Are you free on Tuesday 20th?

The Lorelei

I’ve been listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estés talking about creativity and telling stories (always a good idea). She talked about that time when an artist becomes utterly obsessed by his (or her) art: the work is so perfect, so beautiful, so right, that nothing else matters. The artist forgets all… Read more »The Lorelei

A line pathway

I’m sure I must have mentioned these before, so let me start with a quick recap before I get to something I just noticed about 57.5… A ‘line pathway’ is my name for what LiSe calls ‘line squares’ and Stephen Karcher calls ‘crossline omens’. (LiSe and Stephen are the ones… Read more »A line pathway

Hexagram 26, intention and space

This post is such an agglomeration of things it’s not really title-able.  How about  ‘Complementary hexagrams, 26 and 45 in particular, and intention, and the usual brilliance of Jen Louden or What happens if you read everything with hexagram eyes’? No? Anyway… it starts – before that 61-to-29 reading persuaded… Read more »Hexagram 26, intention and space