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September 2023

timelapse photo of night sky with star trails

Fire outside: hexagrams 14 and 21

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Light outside

I’ve written about the trigram li, fire and light, and the role it plays as inner trigram, inside the hexagram. Here’s a look at fire on the outside… In the ‘Trigram Associations’ pdf that’s part of the Yijing Foundations Course, I simply wrote that, The outer li illumines more expansively, with less concentrated focus… Read more »Fire outside: hexagrams 14 and 21

eroding rockface and green slopes below

Finding spiritual direction

A podcast reading with two radically contrasting hexagrams: 23, Stripping Away, changing to 42, Increasing: changing to Maria’s question: ‘How should I lead my spiritual life to know the truth?’ In this reading, she and Yi trace a path through what seems like an impossible situation. Links I mention in… Read more »Finding spiritual direction

small dog, blocked path


The muddle If you’re new to the I Ching, you could be forgiven for wondering why there are apparently two hexagrams called ‘Obstruction’: Hexagram 12 (according to such translators as Cleary and Richter) and Hexagram 39 (according to Balkin, amongst others). Neither hexagram is one you’d generally rejoice to see… Read more »Obstructions