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December 2023

close-up of light on flowing water

Fire on the river: Hexagram 64

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Light outside

Tradition tells us that Hexagram 63, Already Crossing, has its trigrams in the right places: water is above fire, like the pan on the stove; things are cooking; everything is in good working order. And then by contrast, Hexagram 64, Not Yet Crossing, with the same two trigrams in reverse… Read more »Fire on the river: Hexagram 64

windswept grass

Finding fulfillment

A new podcast reading: how to find more fulfillment in life? Not (in this reading) by doing stuff – more by feeling your way deeply into experience. The answer was Hexagram 57, changing at lines 2 and 3 to 20, Seeing: changing to I quoted from LiSe Heyboer’s page on… Read more »Finding fulfillment