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February 2024

butterfly chrysalis hanging from a twig

Rejecting the standard

There are two lines in Hexagram 27, Nourishment, that refer to ‘rejecting the standard’: ‘Unbalanced nourishment.Rejecting the standard, looking to the hill-top for nourishment.Setting out to bring order – pitfall.’ Hexagram 27, line 2 ‘Rejecting the standard,Dwelling here with constancy: good fortune.Cannot cross the great river.’ Hexagram 27, line 5… Read more »Rejecting the standard

sunrise over mountains

A new source of income

This episode of the podcast could also be entitled ‘light dawns in the end,’ as it took a while for me to join all the dots between the querent’s situation and the reading. It’s a great example of how Yi talks to the whole person, though, as well as answering… Read more »A new source of income

man and woman in cangue

Crime and punishment

Some Yijing imagery is immensely straightforward to relate to. I was having the ‘What do you do?’ conversation a few weeks ago, and a friend asked me what kind of thing readings said, and how they answered questions. ‘Imagine,’ I said, ‘you’re asking about taking on a new voluntary role,… Read more »Crime and punishment