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More laws of Yijing practice

Continuing with Harmen’s Ten Laws of Proper Yijing Practice… Law 3 – Too much is less than enough. “Can I expect any positive movement from P’s corner in the next couple of months?” I got Hex 10 unchanging. I get a sense that 10 means moving with caution. So I asked ….. “Why would he… Continue Reading

Laws of Yijing Practice

Here’s a challenging post from Harmen Mesker: Ten Laws of Proper Yijing Practice Explained. While I’m unlikely ever to call anything to do with the Yi a ‘law’ (there’s a distinct shortage of rules graven on stone tablets for divination), this is a really thoughtful and thought-provoking article. Law 1: If you receive the same… Continue Reading

Truth, confidence and captives

Harmen has just published a new article, which is always a wonderful thing (even if I wish he’d translate his Chinese sources for me!). This one is about fu – that word from the name of Hexagram 61 that means truth or trust or sincerity or confidence, or ‘conforming’ in Ritsema/Sabbadini – or, on oracle… Continue Reading

Carol Anthony interview online

There’s an interview with Carol Anthony (author of Guide to the I Ching, Oracle of the Cosmic Way and so on) on BlogTalkRadio. It’s good to hear the voice after experiencing the books, and get some insight into the process that gave rise to them. There’s a long introduction before the interview: the first mention… Continue Reading

Recommended: Divine Purpose Unveiled

Update: at least some of the bonus sessions mentioned below are gone now (including the ones with me – see CK’s comment). Check on the sales page to see which are left. ~~~~~~~~~ As you know, I don’t exactly litter this blog with recommendations for other people’s products. (I’m trying to remember the last time… Continue Reading

I Ching on Obama

A round-up of readings from the run-up to the election, with thanks to Google. The earliest pertinent reading I found was from 24th May: “What will an Obama presidency bring to the nation?” Now, there’s some ambiguity around this reading: for one thing, by July the original poster was saying the question had been different;… Continue Reading

No time for the I Ching

Ever heard this? “I know the I Ching works, but I don’t have time for it.” Ever said it? I have… which is more embarrassing than I care to think about. Naturally I have endless time to work on readings for clients, and work out the best possible ways to help people learn the I… Continue Reading

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