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The ‘character’ hexagrams

The ‘character’ hexagrams
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series The 'character' hexagrams

In Part II, chapter 7 of the Great Treatise (Dazhuan), nine hexagrams are singled out. The authors of the Yi, it says, knew sorrow and disasters (or, specifically, they worried about disasters), and therefore… and it goes on to list the qualities of these nine hexagrams. You can read the whole passage here, in Legge’s… Continue Reading

Two-line changes

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Two-line relationships

If you’ve been working with Yi for a while, you’re probably familiar with the idea of looking at the hexagram each individual moving line would change to on its own, to give you a better context to understand its meaning. You might have heard them referred to as zhi gua, or (by Stephen Karcher) as… Continue Reading

Casting the Vessel, so… (part 2)

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Casting the Vessel

I’ve been looking at the patterns that take shape within the ‘container’ formed by hexagrams 3 and 50, and wondering what they might mean. Here’s a bit more wondering. It looks as though hexagrams 3 and 50, living energies and vessel, form a mould, within which an individual life (or culture, or way of living)… Continue Reading

Hexagram 10, Treading

También disponible en español Hexagram 10 tells you that you are ‘treading the tail of the tiger.’ The first question to ask yourself about it is always – naturally enough – ‘What tiger? Where?’ There is something here that could devour you; you need to know what it is. In some readings, the tiger is… Continue Reading

Hexagram 10 and the experience of divination

When I cast a reading for the week, sometimes I find the reading tells me about the week; sometimes I find the week tells me about the reading. And usually it’s some mix of the two. This last week Yi suggested I look out simply for Hexagram 10 – no changing lines. Maybe I could… Continue Reading

Meeting tigers

I was just looking through the latest from the Readings Panel at GreatVessel.com . The questioner asked how to deal with a difficult manager, and received Hexagram 10, Treading, moving to Hexagram 61, Inner Truth, through a changing line at the fourth place: ‘Treading the tiger’s tail. Careful pleading, Good fortune in the end.’ You… Continue Reading

Hexagram 10 and wingless chickens

‘Heaven above, lake below. Treading. The noble one differentiates above and below, And sets right the purpose of the ordinary people.’ The Image of Hexagram 10 is really not the easiest one to relate to. It’s more abstract than most, maybe seeming rather ‘dry’. The lake sparkles below heaven… does the junzi draw nothing more… Continue Reading

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