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I don’t know the first thing about the Yi

Well, here I am getting started teaching week 1 of the I Ching Foundations Class, so it’s hard to think of a better title for a blog post… Oh, I know quite a few things about Yi. I know some of its history and the stories behind its words, and how its components work together, and how… Continue Reading

Marriage and Mandate

As I’ve probably mentioned from time to time, I’m working on an enlarged and improved version of the Words of Change Yijing glossary, to be included as part of the upcoming journal software. This gives me the perfect excuse for lots of completely engrossing research and exploration into Yi, while poor old Justin is solving… Continue Reading

Casting the Vessel

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Casting the Vessel

Warning: this post is pure, unadulterated gleeful Yeekery. I’ve been reading about how the ancient Chinese bronze vessels were made. Here’s a fascinating pdf on the subject (right click and choose ‘save as’ to download), with images of the finished vessels and also the moulds used in the casting, and diagrams showing the whole process.… Continue Reading

More accidental Yi wisdom

This is from Havi at Fluent Self, who once again is writing about Yi without knowing it. This time she’s unwittingly explaining Hexagram 11, line 1, as a matter of fractal flowers. Hexagram 11 is about Flow, working with it or creating it or stepping into it. There is no issue here with lack of… Continue Reading

The family of 54

Each hexagram of the Yijing contains a nuclear hexagram at its core. And since the nuclear hexagram unfolds from lines 2-5,  it’s the first and last lines, the ‘entrance and exit’ or ‘roots and shoots’ of the hexagram, that vary – so that four hexagrams can be formed around each nucleus. These groups of four… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Hexagram 11

Years ago, I wrote that Hexagram 11 seems like the hexagram of love – “not so much love in its various expressions in human relationships, but as a pure, overwhelming cosmic force for creation.” I think it’s also love as power. Certainly I’ve rarely seen it mean a peaceful experience for people who receive the… Continue Reading

Nuclear hexagrams – why bother?

At the heart of every hexagram is its ‘nuclear hexagram’. It’s made up of its inner lines: 234 for its lower trigram, 345 for the upper. So for instance if your original hexagram is 18, Corruption – – then by taking its lines 234,345 you uncover the nuclear hexagram 54, the Marrying Maiden: Looking at… Continue Reading

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