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The noble one’s constancy, and inner light

The noble one’s constancy, and inner light
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Hexagram 12 is no fun at all… ‘Blocking it, non-people.Noble one’s constancy bears no fruit.Great goes, small comes.’ Hexagram 12, Oracle The noble one is typically imaginative and willing to learn; constancy means persistence, loyalty, holding firmly to the truth… and none of this is going to make any difference. The trigram picture… …conveys the… Continue Reading

What does ‘crossing the great river’ mean?

What does ‘crossing the great river’ mean?

This post is for Liz, who commented, “Hi Hilary,Ok. Point blank – what does crossing the great river mean?” How does it feel? This is a better question to ask, because divination does not work by replacing images with what they mean. First, you use your imagination to get inside the image and appreciate how… Continue Reading

Hexagram 44, insect bites and nuclears

Here is a remarkable article from Alexa over at the Quotable I Ching, about Hexagram 44 and desire – and, yes, insect bites. Remarkable for how she captures the spirit of the hexagram – and without mentioning the ‘powerful woman’ even once. She says the ‘encounter’ of 44 is like the encounter with a biting… Continue Reading

The noble one’s story

Where you find the noble one We mostly come across the junzi, the ‘noble one’, in the Image Wing of the Yi. But he also features in many oracles and lines of the original text. Here’s the whole list: 1.3, 2.0, 3.3, 9.6, 12.0, 13.0, 15.0, 15.1, 15.3, 20.1, 20.5, 20.6, 23.6, 33.4, 34.3, 36.1,… Continue Reading

Earth reading

After a week of ‘Nearing Earth’ (19.1.2 to 2, my personal reading for the week), I’m very happy to find this Samhain full moon reading from Peter at Fireraven tarot Continue Reading

Trigrams in the sequence III

Following on from this article about the sequence of trigrams through 10 and 11, here’s another place where looking at the trigrams casts light on the story behind the sequence: from Hexagram 12 to 13. Hexagram 12 is Obstruction and negation: communication is completely blocked; everything has ground to a halt; no great things are… Continue Reading

I Ching Community: What is a Universal Truth

JerryD thought to ask the I Ching, ‘What is a Universal Truth?’ (capital U, capital T) Yi answered with Hexagram 13, unchanging: People in Harmony. Well, different people have different takes on this, but it sounds to me as though Yi’s saying that a ‘Universal Truth’ is just whatever people can agree on. (Actually on… Continue Reading

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