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Bede Griffiths on the Abyss

I’ve started re-reading Bede Griffiths, Return to the Centre, a wonderful book I first attempted to understand when I was 16. This time through, I have help. I think of hexagram 29, the Repeating Chasm, as a dark place of bottomless depths. Yi talks of ‘holding fast your heart’ here, I think, because there is… Continue Reading

Annual readings

With the turning of the Chinese Year, more people are contemplating their annual I Ching reading. Over at ‘A touch of Ancients’, Allan Lian has written about the synchronicities that accompanied his reading for last year. He’s pausing at the change of year to look back as well as forward through the eyes of the… Continue Reading

Harry Potter and the Book of Changes (again)

One other reading I did about the latest HP book (and I do promise that the next blog entry will be about something different)…

~~more spoilers coming up, look away now!~~

…was about where Snape stands at the end. Continue Reading

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